Key Replacement Insurance


Have you lost the keys to your house or your car? Choose a key replacement policy from Bajaj Finserv to cater to such emergencies. Get coverage for loss or theft of residence and vehicle keys, cost of a locksmith, and cost of key replacement.

Features and Benefits of Key Replacement Insurance

  • Get coverage for creation of duplicate keys for your residence or vehicle

  • Get reimbursement of labour cost incurred for replacement of locks

  • Get reimbursement of the cost of rental car, if key replacement for your vehicle takes over 24 hours.

  • Easy and hassle-free claim process

  • Key Replacement Insurance – Policy Coverage

  • Replacement of keys

    Reimbursement of the cost of replacing your residence and your vehicle keys. The cover is available only for the amount you pay to the locksmith for producing a new key.

  • Break-in Protection

    If someone breaks into your vehicle, the key replacement insurance caters to the cost of replacing the locks and the keys. Remember, we do not cover the cost of the lock. We only cover the labour costs for replacing the lock.

  • Reimbursement in case of the lockout

    We reimburse the cost of obtaining the locksmith if you find yourself locked out of your house or car.

  • Rental Car reimbursement

    The key replacement job can take more than 24 hours at times. Under such circumstances, we cover the cost of the rental car.

  • Key Replacement – What we do not cover

  • Any other cost other than the ones listed above

  • Costs associated with loss of keys of residence other than your primary one. You need to take a separate policy to cover your secondary residence.

  • The cost of replacing the keys of the vehicle you do not own for personal use

  • Key replacement insurance is only for existing customers

Documents required for Key Replacement Insurance

•    Official police FIR that details the incident that happened within the covered time frame is necessary for claiming reimbursement in break-in protection claims

What to do after an accident or loss of key

•    Call us at 1800-11-9966
•    Alternatively, submit a written intimation letter within 24 hours of discovering the loss
•    It enables you to make a claim and obtain the required forms and instructions
•    File the FIR with the police within 24 hours of discovering the loss of the key or the break-in attempt.
•    Fill up the claims forms and return to us along with the accompanying documents.
•    It includes police reports, receipts for replacing locks and keys, and all other documents that the company asks for.
•    Submit the claims forms to the company within 3 days

Claim process

•    If you lose the key, you can call the insurance company at the phone number provided in the policy document.
•    Submit a written application detailing the events.
•    In case someone has broken into your house or vehicle, you have to file a police complaint and obtain the FIR copy within 24 hours of detecting the incident.
•    Submit the copy of documents (police FIR) to the company
•    In the meanwhile maintain the receipts of the key replacement costs, the labour charges paid to the locksmith, and so on.
•    Submit the receipts to the company to get the reimbursement of the replacement expenses