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Cycling is one of those activities which people of all age groups enjoy. It is cheap, requires less maintenance and is environmentally friendly, making it an ideal transportation choice. Many people opt for cycle rides as a medium to exercise and stay healthy. However, certain risks are involved when you cycle through busy city roads or choose to go on an adventure.
A cycle insurance cover, secures your cycle against theft, loss or damage and against any unfortunate accident that might occur while cycling.

Membership fee details

Premium including GST (Rs.) Sum assured (Rs.)
1399 25,000

If the invoice of the cycle is less than Rs. 25,000, the sum assured will be the invoice value, and the premium will be Rs. 1399. If the invoice value is more than Rs. 25,000, then the maximum sum assured will be Rs. 25,000, and the premium will be Rs. 1399.

  • What is covered

    Here’s what’s covered in this plan.

  • Burglary and theft

    Complimentary protection against accidental damage or theft of a cycle

    • You will be enrolled into a complementary add-on benefit of protection against fire and burglary fortuitous caused to your cycle within 7 days of your membership start date under the group policy of our customers for up to Rs. 25,000.

    • The agreed value or Invoice Value (whichever is lesser) of the cycle is covered for personal use only.

  • Fire, riots or any fortuitous causes

    24x7 card blocking service

    You can report the loss of your payment cards at 1800-419-4000 (toll-free number). The service is available 24x7 and lets you block your debit and credit cards with just one call, eliminating the need for you to visit or contact each bank individually.

  • Worldwide Cover

    Emergency travel assistance

    • Get an emergency advance to pay your hotel bills or arrange travel tickets up to Rs. 40,000 for abroad and Rs. 20,000 in India.
    • Worldwide coverage for the cycle is available under the plan.

  • High Coverage Limit

    Emergency roadside assistance or other road assistance

    You can avoid a roadblock, flat tyre support, battery jump-start, towing, or other assistance. Get emergency roadside assistance in 400+ locations up to 75 km from the city centre.

  • Multiple options to pay premium

    Doctor on call

    This benefit offers on-demand access to qualified doctors with unlimited consultation. You also get clinical expertise via mobile app or phone.

  • High Coverage Limit

    Entertainment benefits

    Get Zee 5 Entertainment subscription for One Year as a part of the benefits offered with this product.

  • Multiple options to pay premium

    Network Discount Card

    Get discount vouchers across multiple networks of diagnostic centres, hospitals & pharmacies. The vouchers are redeemable on diagnostic tests provided by partner network centres. To book an appointment, call 1800-103-4466 between 8 am and 8 pm (available on all days except national holidays) and provide the voucher code.

  • What’s not covered

    Here’s what’s not covered in this plan.

  • Gradual operating costs

    1. Losses occurring under intoxication

    The plan does not stand if the item is lost or stolen while you are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxins or narcotics.

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown

    2. Deliberate losses

    Losses occurring directly or indirectly from any act of forgery or fraudulent/dishonest act committed by you concerning the payment card, with an intent to defraud the card issuer, are not covered under the plan.

  • Consequential loss or legal liability of any kind

    3. Losses during maintenance

    Damage caused by any process of cleaning, dyeing or bleaching, restoring servicing, preventative maintenance, repairing or renovating or deterioration arising from wear and tear, moth, vermin, insects or mildew or any other gradually operating cause.

  • Fragile or brittle items

    4. Losses due to mechanical malfunction

    Loss or damage caused by mechanical or electrical derangement/breakdown of any article unless caused by accidental external means or specifically declared and accepted by us and expressly stated in the policy schedule.

  • Consequential loss or legal liability of any kind

    5. Damage to fragile products

    Breakage, cracking or scratching of crockery, glass, cameras, binoculars, lenses, sculptures, curious, pictures, musical instruments, sports gear and similar articles of brittle or fragile nature and accepted by us and expressly stated in the policy schedule.

  • High Coverage Limit

    6. Other losses

    • Consequential loss or legal liability of any kind.
    • Loss or damage due to misplacement, misuse, reckless, abusive, willful or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the covered item.
    • Loss or damage arising out of any pre-existing conditions.

How to make a claim

You can raise your claim with the customer experience team within 24 hours of damage to your smartphone to avail the benefits of this insurance cover. You may reach out to the insurer in the following ways:
You can call at the following numbers:
Toll-Free- 1800-419-4000
6000-4000 (city STD code to be prefixed)
You may also write an email to for any claim-related queries.

Documents required to file a claim
To initiate a claim, you have to submit the following documents to the insurer:

• A duly filled claim form, signed by the insured beneficiary, detailing the loss or damage and an estimate of the claim amount.
• Any documentation required to support and substantiate the claim amount like bills and invoices, valuation reports, etc.
• Police report (FIR) in the case of theft and burglary claims.
• Any other document deemed necessary to establish the loss or its quantum, depending upon the nature of the claim.

Contact us

If you have any queries or concerns about the plan coverage and claim process, send an email to


Bajaj Finance Ltd. (BFL) is merely a distributor of above products. Owned by CPP Assistance Services Private Ltd. (CPP). Issuance of these products is at the sole discretion of CPP. This product shall be governed by CPP product T&C’s, and BFL does not hold any responsibility for the issuance, quality, serviceability, maintenance, and any claims post sale. This is not an insurance product, and CPP Assistance Services Private Ltd. (CPP) is not a insurance company. Purchase of this product is purely voluntary in nature. BFL does not compel any of its customers to mandatorily purchase third party products.

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