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Instant Gold Loan in Coimbatore

Gold Loan in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is one of Tamil Nadu’s prime metropolitan cities. It is popularly known as the Manchester of South India for being the region’s centre of the textile industry.

Residents of Coimbatore looking for an instant gold loan can avail it through Bajaj Finserv, one of India’s most diverse NBFCs. Manage your financial obligations with our affordable gold loan in Coimbatore without hassle. We also operate a branch in the city. Visit us today or choose to apply online.

Gold Loan in Coimbatore: Features and Benefits

  • Flexible repayments

    Bajaj Finserv Gold Loan offers flexible repayment options. Repay the loan in EMIs, pay the interest upfront and principal later, and more.

  • Get loans of up to Rs. 1 crore

    With Bajaj Finserv, avail of a high-value loan of up to Rs.1 crore against your gold.

  • Zero part-prepayment and foreclosure charges

    With a Bajaj Finserv Gold Loan, you can make part-prepayments or foreclose the loan without bearing any additional charges. Traders and builders can also opt for top-up loans against zero extra charges.

  • mortgage loan

    Safe gold appraisal process

    You no longer have to come down to our branch to avail of a loan against your gold. Instead, we will reach your location and offer in-home gold jewellery evaluation. Our standard carat meter offers 100% accurate readings.

  • Easy part-release facility

    You can now conveniently manage your gold loan account by releasing your gold items partly and paying the equivalent amount per your affordability.

  • Tenor

    Complementary gold insurance policy

    Enjoy a complementary gold insurance policy with our gold loan in Coimbatore. Insure your gold against misplacement and theft.

  • Highest standard of security

    We store your gold items in the safest of vaults. With 24x7 surveillance and motion detectors, rest assured of the topmost security.

  • Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, is one of the largest exporters of wet grinders, jewellery, auto components and poultry. A major centre for education, healthcare and manufacturing, Coimbatore is one of India’s fastest growing tier-II cities. SaaS major Zoho is also setting up its three satellite offices at different locations in Coimbatore, as per the latest reports. If this happens, the already populated city will see a significant rise in the number of migrating job seekers.

    Bajaj Finserv brings you a gold loan in Coimbatore to manage your instant fund requirements. Our flexible loan against gold features minimum documentation, quick processing and instant disbursal to cater to your personal, medical, educational and professional expenses. Moreover, our rate of interest is also nominal, considering diversified needs.

    With minimal documentation and an easy online application process, you can get the loan within a minimum turn-around time. Visit our branch here today!

Gold Loan in Coimbatore: Eligibility Criteria

Potential applicants can check the below-mentioned gold loan eligibility parameters:

  • Age: From 21 to 70 years
  • Nationality: Residing Indian citizen
  • Employment type: Salaried, self-employed, traders, businessmen, farmers and likes.

Residents of Coimbatore can now avail of gold loan LTV of up to 90%, as per the latest RBI mandate. Simply meet the eligibility criteria and avail of a sizable loan amount at market-best interest rates. You can submit the necessary documents, like KYC, to avail of instant gold loans.

Gold Loan in Coimbatore: Interest Rates and Charges

Bajaj Finserv offers an instant gold loan in Coimbatore against nominal interest rates. Moreover, our additional charges are also minimal. Check our gold loan Interest rate and additional fees before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the age limit to qualify for a gold loan in Coimbatore?

Anybody between 21 to 70 years of age can avail of a gold loan.

2. Who can apply for a gold loan?

Any residing citizen of India can opt for Bajaj Finserv Gold Loan. Farmers, professionals, traders, builders, self-employed individuals can avail of this advance on fulfilling specific eligibility requirements.

3. Is a high CIBIL score mandatory to avail a gold loan in Coimbatore?

A high CIBIL score is not mandatory to avail of a gold loan. Nevertheless, a credit score above 750 improves your chances of availing of low interest rates.

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