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Get Loan Against Gold in Vadodara

Gold Loan in Vadodara

Situated on the banks of River Vishwamitri, Vadodara is one of the emerging cities of India. This city is well-known for its power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry.

Residents of this city can bridge the gap in their expenses with a gold loan in Vadodara from Bajaj Finserv. Visit any of our 2 branches in the city for more information or apply online.

Features of Gold Loan in Vadodara

  • High loan quantum

    Cover an array of personal and professional expenses with a sizeable instant gold loan amount of up to Rs. 1 crore, depending on the purity of gold. Also, secure a top-up without paying any extra charges.

  • Tenor

    Gold evaluation at home

    Gold loan in Baroda from Bajaj Finserv is available through a doorstep appraisal process. Our loan managers will visit your address with an industry-grade carat meter for this purpose.

  • Top notch gold security

    We store the pledged gold items in vaults within rooms equipped with motion detectors and 24x7 surveillance.

  • mortgage loan

    Repayment flexibility

    Repaying an instant gold loan in Vadodara is now more convenient than ever. Pay through regular instalments or the interest upfront and principal later. You can also pay the interest amount periodically and principal at the end of the loan tenor.

  • Foreclosure and part-prepayment facilities

    Make the most of foreclosure and part-payment facilities to lower the financial burden. Make lump-sum payments and close the instant gold loan account before the tenor ends without paying any extra charges.

  • Part-release option

    Make the most of our part-release facility and release gold items at your convenience by paying an equivalent loan amount.

  • Mandatory gold insurance

    Get a gold loan in Vadodara from Bajaj Finserv and enjoy complementary insurance coverage throughout the loan tenor.

  • Vadodara, or Baroda, is an industrial hub of Gujarat. It currently houses some large-scale industries like Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance Industries Limited, L&T, Gujarat State Fertilizer and Chemicals, etc. Alongside, Baroda also meets a significant portion of the power and electrical equipment demand of this country.

    The economic prominence of Vadodara has been significant in recent years, which has led to a rise in the city’s living costs. In such situations, a gold loan in Baroda can be an ideal solution to meet any deficit. Moreover, benefits like no end-use restrictions, competitive interest rates and easy eligibility criteria make it a convenient financing option to opt for.

    Apply online for instant approval.

Eligibility Criteria for Gold Loan in Vadodara

Meet the following gold loan eligibility and secure a high loan amount at an affordable rate. Make sure to keep the documents required handy to speed up the loan processing.

  • Nationality: Indian resident
  • Age: 21 to 70 years
  • Employment type: Self-employed, salaried, businessman, traders, and farmers

With RBI’s recent directives, get a high LTV against your gold, and avail of a higher loan amount. Make sure to check the per gram value of gold loan on the date of applying to secure high-value funds.

Gold Loan in Vadodara: Interest Rates and Charges

Avail of an attractive gold loan interest rate from Bajaj Finserv along with minimal additional charges. To keep your overall cost of borrowing in check, learn all about loan interest rates and extra charges before applying.

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