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Bhulekh Odisha Land Records

Bhulekh Odisha is a digital land records platform that removes the need to visit the concerned authorities and fill offline application forms to check land and related information.

Up until 2008, land records in the state of Odisha were only available in certain departments and were managed manually. With 2008’s National Land Records Modernisation Program, the Government of Odisha started digitising and working its land records through the online portal Bhulekh Odisha.

Through this portal, property owners in this state can easily access details of their land records without hassle. This website provides various services, including access to Record of Rights (RoR), maps, state statistics, and address-related information like Tahasil, etc.

The conversion of manual to digital maintenance of records via Odisha bhulekh significantly saves operational time and reduces chances of mistakes. It has brought transparency in the land record management system of this state, and property owners can access the information they need 24X7.

Steps to Check Bhulekh Odisha Land Records

With Bhulekh Odisha, individuals can easily check their land records using their Khatiyan, plot, or tenant information. Below is a step-by-step process of reviewing the ROR documents on the Bhulekh portal.

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Odisha online portal
  2. Click on the RoR view
  3. In the ‘Select Location for RoR’ section, select the radio button next to Khatiyan, Plot, or Tenant, depending on how you want to search land records, and select the appropriate value from the drop-down menu that appears
  4. Next, choose the following details from their drop-down menus: Tahasil, District, Village, RI Circle
  5. Click on the ROR Back Page button to view land records for your selected information

Steps to Check Bhulekh Odisha Land Records

To apply for land Record of Rights, homeowners need to follow the below steps.

  1. First, visit your local District Revenue Office and collect a ROR form
  2. Duly fill up the required fields in the ROR form and attach all requested documents (a detailed list of necessary documents is mentioned in the following section)
  3. Submit this form along with the documents at the office and collect an acknowledgement slip (you will need this slip to collect the RoR later)
  4. Your local Revenue Office will complete verification of your property and the documents attached
  5. Once the authentication process is complete, concerned authorities will issue a certified copy of your property’s ROR

Documents Required When Applying for ROR in Bhulekh Portal

When applying for ROR, carry the following documents:

  • Proof of Identity: Voter ID, Aadhaar card, passport, etc.
  • Proof of Address, Aadhaar card, ration card, passport, etc.
  • Proof of property ownership
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Land tax receipt

Application Fees to Apply for ROR Documents

When applying for ROR documents, property owners must pay a nominal application fee to receive their records. The particulars of this fee are as below:

  • User costs + Government fees: Rs.30
  • Printing charge: Rs.10
  • Certificate output charge: Rs.10
  • Kiosk operator service charge: Rs.8
  • Scanning charge: Rs.5
  • DEG charges: Rs.2

How to Download Bhulekh Odisha Land Record?

A step-by-step method for Bhulekh land record of Orissa download is as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of Bhulekh Orissa
  2. In the section titled ‘Select Location for ROR,’ choose from these following details in the drop-down menu:
    1. District
    2. Tahasil
    3. Village
    4. RI Circle
  3. Next, complete the land record verification using any of the following options:
    1. Khatiyan
    2. Plot
    3. Tenant information
  4. A drop-down menu will appear once you select any of the options above; choose a suitable value depending on your preference
  5. Once all required data has been entered, click on the ROR Front Page and ROR Back Page buttons to generate land records
  6. Click on ‘Print’ and save this file in PDF format

How to Check Information on Bhulekh Odisha Land Record?

Property owners can check the information of their Tahasil in Odisha Bhulekh using the below steps.

  1. Visit Odisha Bhulekh’s official website
  2. On the main menu, locate and click on the ‘Tahasil Info’ button
  3. On this Information page, select your district and Tehsil names
  4. Verify the information you entered and click on the Go button
  5. You will again be redirected to a new page where you can see details of the Tahasil

How to Check Maps on Odisha Bhulekh Land Record?

One of the most popular features of Odisha Bhulekh is the maps section, which allows individuals to check maps of the state. To get access to the maps, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Bhulekh Odisha and click on the ‘Map View’ button; alternatively, visit the Bhunaksha portal
  2. From the menu that appears on this redirected page, select district name
  3. Click on the Submit button; a new window will appear featuring the map of this selected area
  4. Select a Plot number to access information about the same

Land records thus obtained are must-have documents for sale and land division. Easy availability of Odisha land revenue information and ROR also helps maintain a personal record of the property. Moreover, they can also be used as evidence in civil litigation or other legal purposes.

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