What are the stamp duty charges in Uttar Pradesh?

Property investments inevitably bring huge returns, however, if you are planning to buy a property in Uttar Pradesh, know that before you can claim ownership, you will be required to pay stamp duty and registration fees.

In Uttar Pradesh, stamp duty charges vary based on the circle rates and the circle rates vary by locality. By and large, the Uttar Pradesh government charges 5% to 7% of a property's value as stamp duty. Women owners are required to pay 5% of a property's value as stamp duty. For men, this figure changes to 7%.

What are some of the factors that determine stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh?

While calculating stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh, several different factors are taken into account:

  • Stamp duty varies based on the age of the owner, which means that senior citizens get rebates and discounts on stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Properties that fall under the municipal limits attract higher stamp duty than properties that fall outside it.
  • The stamp duty also varies based on the owner's gender. Women pay lower stamp duty charges in Uttar Pradesh than men.
  • The stamp duty to be paid in Uttar Pradesh also varies based on the type of property. For instance, stamp duty is different for villas and apartments in UP.
  • Lastly, the use to which a property is put and the kind of amenities that a property has also determine the final stamp duty to be paid by the buyer to the Uttar Pradesh state government.

How are property registration charges calculated in Uttar Pradesh?

In Uttar Pradesh, both men and women are required to pay 1% of the total property value as a registration fee. However, there are a few things regarding registration fee calculation that you must understand. First, if you are investing in a commercial property, the UP government will calculate the registration fee based on the super built-up area of the property. When it comes to lands and plots, the registration fee is calculated by multiplying the total square footage by the guideline value. For independent houses, the registration fee is calculated based on the total constructed area.

How is stamp duty calculated in Uttar Pradesh?

Section 17 of the Uttar Pradesh Registration Act, 1908, makes it mandatory for all property buyers to register any property transaction beyond Rs. 100 at the sub-registrar's office. The registration process involves paying stamp duty which is calculated keeping in mind a variety of factors. However, if you are not too sure of how to calculate stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh, we recommend that you use a stamp duty calculator for the task. These calculators are easy to use, free, and quite readily available, dedicated to making your calculations smoother.

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