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Udupi is a city located in Karnataka. Known as the temple city, Udupi is a centre of pilgrimage and has several tourist attractions.

Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans of upto Rs. 35 lakh in Udupi. The loans come with an affordable rate of interest and a flexible tenor for repayment. Eligible customers can avail of an instant personal loan by applying online or visiting the nearest Bajaj Finserv branch.

Features and benefits of instant personal loan in Udupi

  • Account management facility

    Account management facility

    You can log in to our customer portal – Experia, and access your loan-related information anytime, anywhere.

  • Money within %$$PL-Disbursal$$%*

    Money within 24 hours*

    The funds get disbursed directly in your bank account within 24 hours* of the approval of your loan application.

  • Pre-approved offer

    Pre-approved offer

    You can opt for pre-approved offers from Bajaj Finserv and enjoy easier loan processing.

  • No hidden charges

    No hidden charges

    Avoid paying any hidden charges on a personal loan in Udupi. We are 100% transparent in our dealings.

  • Fast approval online

    Fast approval online

    We have a straightforward application process. Get your online personal loan approved within the shortest period.

  • Borrow up to %$$PL-Loan-Amount$$%

    Borrow up to Rs. 35 lakh

    Fund any big-ticket expenses by borrowing up to Rs. 35 lakh from Bajaj Finserv.

  • Reduce EMIs

    Reduce EMIs

    The innovative Flexi loan facility helps bring down your monthly instalments by up to 45%*.

  • Repay over a flexible tenor

    Repay over a flexible tenor

    Select a convenient repayment tenor of up to 84 months and reduce your chances of defaulting on your loan repayment.

  • Hassle-free documentation

    Hassle-free documentation

    For quick loan approval, submit all the necessary documents and fulfil our personal loan eligibility criteria.

Also called Odipu, Udupi is among the fastest-growing cities in the state and is famous for its prominent educational institutions. Its economy comprises fishing, agriculture, food businesses, small-scale industries and real estate.

Whether for higher education or other personal purposes, a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv can cover your financial needs adequately. No need to worry about providing any collateral as the loan is unsecured. This reduces the risk factor for borrowers. On approval, receive the funds directly in your account within 24 hours.*

*Conditions apply

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Eligibility criteria for a personal loan in Udupi

Following are the eligibility criteria to fulfil to avail of the loan. Additionally, know the monthly repayment amount with our personal loan EMI calculator.

  • Age


    Between 21 years and 67 years*

  • Minimum Salary

    Minimum Salary

    Check the city list to know

  • Citizenship


    Indian, residing in the country
  • Employment


    Must be a salaried employee of a private/public limited company or a reputed MNC

  • Credit score

    Credit score

    750 +

You can improve your loan eligibility by maintaining healthy credit behavior by paying off your existing debts, outstanding bills, etc., on time before applying. You can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Calculator to plan your EMIs.

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Interest rates and charges

You can avail of the most competitive personal loan Interest rates along with nominal associated charges.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have to pay a hidden charge?

You will never have to pay any hidden charge as Bajaj Finserv maintains 100% transparency in the terms and conditions. Pay only what you see.

What is the best CIBIL score to apply with?

The closer your CIBIL score is to 900, the better. However, the qualifying score for a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan is 750. Try to maintain a score above it.

What is the personal loan processing fee?

With Bajaj Finserv, you pay up to 3.93% as processing fees on the total amount.

How long does it take to approve a loan online?

It takes us only a few minutes to approve a loan application online. However, make sure to fill up the form with accurate details.

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