Features and benefits

  • Unsecured credit up to Rs. 40 lakh

    Unsecured credit up to Rs. 40 lakh

    Manage your existing debt with a high-value collateral-free loan.
  • Competitive interest rates

    Competitive interest rates

    Repay your debt at an attractive personal loan interest rate.
  • Long repayment window

    Long repayment window

    Divide your debt payments over up to 96 months per your budget.

  • Swift approval and disbursal

    Swift approval and disbursal

    Get quick approval in 5 minutes* and the funds within 24 hours* of verification.

  • 45%* lower EMIs

    45%* lower EMIs

    Pay interest-only EMIs for the initial part of the tenor with the Flexi loan facility.

  • No hidden charges

    No hidden charges

    Enjoy 100% transparency with the personal loan processing fees and charges.

  • Simple documentation

    Simple documentation

    Obtain a personal loan for debt consolidation with a few basic KYC and income documents.
  • Digital loan account

    Digital loan account

    Pay your EMIs, view your repayment schedule, and download statements via Customer portal- Bajaj Finserv My Account.

  • Pre-approved loan offers

    Pre-approved loan offers

    Avail of pre-approved offers on your personal loan for quicker access to credit.

Consolidate all your existing loans into one and handle a single EMI each month with a personal loan for debt consolidation from Bajaj Finserv. Get financing of up to Rs. 40 lakh without collateral and repay your new debt at an attractive rate of interest. Pick a repayment term of up to 96 months to bring your monthly debt outgo within budget.

Our eligibility criteria are simple, and you can get instant approval within 5 minutes* of application. Submit basic KYC and income documents with your application and, post-verification, get money in the bank within 24 hours*. With swift financing, you can consolidate high-interest loans and credit cards and repay your debt more affordably without delay. Our existing customers can avail of pre-approved offers for a convenient 1-step application.

Use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator to plan your new instalments. View your repayment schedule, pay EMIs, part-prepay the loan, and download statements via My Account, our customer portal.

If you require up to 45% lower EMIs, consider the Flexi loan facility and pay interest-only EMIs for the initial part of the repayment term. Borrow funds from your approved limit and prepay your loan for free with the Flexi personal loan.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Nationality



  • Age


    21 years to 80 years*

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    Check your CIBIL Score for FREE

    Credit score should be 685 or higher

Use the Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator to estimate how much you can borrow. Meet the simple eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documents required for a personal loan to get the loan quickly.

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Fees and charges

We offer competitive interest rates on personal loans and are 100% transparent with zero hidden charges. View the fees and charges to know how consolidation of your debt with our personal loan can be an affordable choice.

How to apply for a personal loan for debt consolidation?

Apply online for a personal loan for debt consolidation by following these four easy steps:

  1. 1 Enter your personal, financial, and employment details into the online application form
  2. 2 Select the loan amount and tenor to receive instant approval
  3. 3 Submit basic documents to a Bajaj Finserv representative who will contact you
  4. 4 Receive money in the bank within 24 hours* of document verification

*Conditions apply

Frequently asked questions

What is a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is a financial tool that combines multiple high-interest debts, such as credit card balances or personal loans, into a single, lower-interest loan. By merging debts, borrowers simplify payments and often reduce overall interest costs, making it easier to manage finances and work towards becoming debt-free.

Who is eligible for a debt consolidation loan in India?

Any borrower who meets the eligibility criteria set by the lender is eligible for a loan. eligibility for a debt consolidation loan typically depends on factors such as credit score, income stability, existing debts, and repayment capability.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation loan online is a financial strategy where multiple debts, such as credit card balances or loans, are combined into a single loan with a lower interest rate or more favourable terms. This simplifies payments, making them more manageable, and can potentially save money by reducing the overall interest paid on the debts.

Does debt consolidation affect your CIBIL Score?

Debt consolidation itself does not directly impact your CIBIL Score. However, how you manage the consolidated loan afterwards does affect your credit score. Timely payments and responsible credit use can improve your score, while missing payments or accumulating more debt can negatively impact it, regardless of the consolidation.

How much does it cost to consolidate debt?

The cost of debt consolidation varies based on the method chosen. If you opt for a loan consolidation, fees and interest rates apply, depending on your creditworthiness and the lender’s terms.

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