Loan for Medical Store

As technology advances and more Indians get access to superior medical services, the demand for medical stores will continue to grow.

With increasing business opportunities for this sector, more people are looking for funds to open medical stores all over the country. To fulfil their demands, Bajaj Finserv is offering unsecured business loans to open medical shops.

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Business Loan for Medical Store: Features & Benefits

  • High-value loans up to %$$BOL-Loan-Amount$$%

    High-value loans up to Rs. 50 lakh

    Bajaj Finserv offers instant business loans with a high value of up to Rs. 50 lakh to set up a medical store.

  • Flexi loan facility

    Flexi loan facility

    With Flexi loan facility, borrow any amount within a fixed limit and pay interest only on the withdrawn amount.

  • Flexible repayment period

    Flexible repayment period

    Opt for a repayment period within 96 months as per your financial needs.

  • Hassle-free application

    Hassle-free application

    Our business loans get approved in only 48 hours*, have easy eligibility criteria and quick disbursal.

  • Online access to your account

    Online access to your account

    Get convenient access to your loan due amount and loan statements online.

  • No need for collateral

    No need for collateral

    Our loans are collateral free. So, no need to risk valuable assets for access to funds to open a medical store.

Loans for medical shops

Bajaj Finserv offers existing pharmacy shops business loans of up to Rs. 50 lakh. These business loans for medical shops are unsecured and thus, do not require you to stake any valuables for funds.

These loans come with a range of features and benefits. In addition, you can get a personalised loan suitable for the funding requirements of your pharmacy.

How to open a medical store?

Before opening a medical store, you need to conduct thorough research on the requirements of the pharmacy sector. You will need to plan what type of medical store you want to build.

Next, make arrangements for a store with sufficient space for goods as well as space to store extra items.

You also need some qualified pharmacists and several licences and permits, including registration of medical store business, your company, registration for drug license (retail/ wholesale) and GST registration.

You will also need sufficient funding to ensure that your store is fully stocked. A business loan to open a medical store can help with this.

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How much investment is needed to open a medical store?

Before deciding to open a pharmacy, consider the various expenses involved. Given are some of the approximate costs (which can vary for different locations in India):

  • Cost of renting commercial space for the shop: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per months
  • Hiring at least one pharmacist: Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000 every month
  • Furniture and other fittings: Around Rs. 30,000
  • Cold storage for medicines: Around Rs. 10,000
  • Legal paperwork: Rs. 6,000 or more
  • Other expenses: Around Rs. 15,000

Besides these monthly expenses, you may also need to invest approximately Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 in medicine stocks. The requirements for this will vary for different sellers, mediums of payment, geographical locations, etc.

One may need an initial investment ranging from Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000, depending on where you open the medical store.

Business Loan for Medical Store Eligibility Criteria

Bajaj Finserv makes it easier for medical shops to get these loans by offering simple eligibility criteria. The following is a list of these eligibility criteria for business loans for pharmacy shops.

  • Age


    24 years to 70 years*
    (*Age should be 70 years at Loan Maturity)

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    Minimum score of 685

  • Citizenship


    Applicant must be a resident Indian citizen

  • Employment type

    Employment type


  • Business vintage

    Business vintage

    Applicant’s business must be at least 3 years old

Bajaj Finserv offers an eligibility calculator to help you estimate how much loan amount one can apply for. Factors such as CIBIL score, tax payment history and EMI repayment behaviour also play an essential role in deciding eligibility.

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Documents Required for Business Loan for Medical Store

The following is a list of documents required for MSME loans for medical shops:

  • Identity proof: Voter ID card, PAN card, passport, Aadhaar card, driving license or any other government-issued ID
  • Address proof: Electricity bill, telephone bill, trade license, passport, lease agreement or other government-issued official documents
  • Proof of business ownership: IT returns, registration document, partnership agreement, GST returns, shop registration certificate, certificate of commencement, article and MOA of a private limited company
  • Financial documents: Audited balance sheet, profit and loss statements for last 2 years, bank account statement for previous 6 months, ITR copy for the last year

Loan for Medical Store Interest Rates & Charges

Bajaj Finserv makes it easy to get a high-value business loan for pharmacy shops by providing affordable interest rates. The interest rates for these loans are affordable and can change due to your credit score, nature of business, and monthly turnover.

Bajaj Finserv maintains 100% transparency with its rates and charges. It charges minimal processing fees, foreclosure charges and zero part-prepayment charges for loans with floating interest rates.

Choose both fixed and floating interest rates for business loans from Bajaj Finserv. The former ensures a fixed rate of interest throughout the loan repayment period. The latter will change depending on the current repo rates.