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Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Kolkata

What are The Stamp Duty Rates in Kolkata?

Thinking of applying for a home loan in Kolkata? You should endeavour to first shortlist your chosen property and find out the stamp duty rates in Kolkata and property registration charges in Kolkata. For properties which are priced lower than Rs. 25 lakh, the stamp duty is 6% for both Corporation (Kolkata/Howrah) areas and notified area/municipal corporation/municipality areas. It is 5% for areas not in the above categories. For properties priced more than Rs. 25 lakh, the stamp duty is 7% for the first two categories and 6% for properties not falling in the same. The registration cost is determined by the property value and is 1.1% of the total property cost. For properties lower than Rs. 25 lakh, the registration charge is 1% of the total cost. Calculate the stamp duty and property registration charges with our easy-to-use stamp duty calculator.

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