What are the stamp duty rates in Kolkata?

Planning to apply for a home loan in Kolkata? Register your shortlisted property and submit the receipts as and when needed. Check out the stamp duty and property registration charges in Kolkata beforehand to estimate the total property cost.

Stamp duty for property priced Rs. 25 lakh, and below in Corporation (Kolkata/ Howrah), Municipal Corporation Area is 6% and for properties other than these two areas are 5%.

For properties priced above Rs. 25 lakh in Corporation (Kolkata/ Howrah) and Municipal Corporation Area, the stamp duty rate is 7%. Likewise, the stamp duty is 6% for properties outside the areas mentioned.

Registration charges in Kolkata depend on the property value. It is set at 1% (a minimum of Rs. 50) of the total cost of property in Kolkata. Access our online stamp duty calculator and estimate the cost of stamp duty and property charges in Kolkata.