What are the stamp duty rates in Delhi?

Stamp duty is a compulsory fee paid by the purchaser to the sub-registrar of the property's location for the formal registration of the property in the government's records under the purchaser's name. The amount of this fee is determined and enforced by the specific state governments.

What is the stamp duty rates in Delhi?

Stamp duty and registration charges are based on registered property prices and ready reckoner rates. A ready reckoner rate is the minimum rate to register a property in Delhi. At the same time, registration charges are additional costs payable to the Government during property transactions.

Planning to apply for a home loan in Delhi? If yes, then check the stamp duty rates in Delhi before finalising a property. Below are the stamp duty rates for each type of buyer.

Stamp duty charges based on the gender of the owner:

Gender of the owner Stamp duty rate in Delhi
Female 4%
Male 6%
Joint 5%

In Delhi, the registration charges for properties located within an NDMC area are set at 5.5% for male owners and 3.5% for female owners. On the other hand, the stamp duty for properties in Delhi Cantonment Board areas is fixed at 3%.

Use our simple stamp duty calculator to save time and assess the accurate stamp duty and property registration charges.