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Located in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is blessed with a rich cultural heritage. It is a famous pilgrimage destination in the Himalayan foothills and the seventh most populous city in the state. It is considered to be one of the most religious places in India.

Easily get a personal loan online in Rishikesh from Bajaj Finserv and avail of attractive features.

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Features of a personal loan in Rishikesh

  • Quick approval

    Quick approval

    Fill the online application form and submit it to get quick approval from Bajaj Finserv.

  • Larger loan amount

    Larger loan amount

    Whether unplanned or planned, an instant loan of up to Rs. 40 lakh can fulfil multiple purposes adequately.

  • Minimal documentation

    Minimal documentation

    Providing a few basic documents is enough to hasten the loan application process.

  • Repay easily

    Repay easily

    Choose from a tenor of up to 96 months. Before that, assess your EMIs using a personal loan EMI calculator.

  • Zero hidden charges

    Zero hidden charges

    With a 100% transparency policy, Bajaj Finserv levies no hidden fees on personal loans.

  • Unsecured loan

    Unsecured loan

    Avail the loan amount you qualify for without keeping any collateral and enjoy risk-free financing.

  • Flexi loan facility

    Flexi loan facility

    Our Flexi loan lowers your EMI burden, bringing it down by up to 45%*. Repay at your convenience.

  • Money within 24 hours*

    Money within 24 hours*

    After successful verification and approval, the money is credited to your account within 24 hours*.

  • App benefits

    App benefits

    Use our customer portal, Experia, or download the app to track your loan information 24x7.

  • Pre-approved offers

    Pre-approved offers

    Existing customers can avail of pre-approved offers on personal loans to ease the process of getting credit.

The backdrop of Rishikesh is a stunning mountain range and rich natural beauty with the holy Ganges flowing by. It is a gateway to Char Dham and is known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’. Besides its religious significance, tourists visit the place for adventurous activities like the giant swing, bungee jumping, camping, flying fox and more.

A Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan in Rishikesh has various attractive features and benefits, making it an ideal funding option. Irrespective of your purpose, you can plan to meet your financial goals effortlessly. Enjoy the most flexible terms and conditions, along with competitive interest rates. To apply online, submit a duly-filled form.

*Conditions apply

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Eligibility criteria

Check out the eligibility criteria and documents needed to sanction a personal loan.

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    685 and above

  • Employment


    Salaried employee of an MNC, or private or public company

  • Age


    Within 21 years to 80 years*

  • Nationality


    Resident Indian

  • Minimum salary

    Minimum salary

    Depends on your place of residence. View the city list here

Note that providing an additional source of income strengthens your repayment capability. Hence, you are likely to get quick approval of the application. Use the Bajaj Finserv Eligibility Calculator online for a more precise assessment.

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Interest rates and charges

Assess the cost of your loan by knowing the interest rates and charges.