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Features and Benefits

Low risk, high returns. Make investing profitable with Bajaj Finance Mutual Funds. Our constant endeavour to strike a balance between risk and return makes our Mutual Fund portfolio a great way for you to start small and make it big.

  • Small Investments

    Division of your funds into smaller parts across different companies, so you can reap the benefits of a diversified portfolio with small investments.

  • Professionally Managed

    Investments managed by professionals with considerable expertise and experience. Through analysis of markets and economy, they pick favourable investment opportunities, so you get higher gains.

  • Diversification

    Investment of your funds in companies across a wide spectrum of industries, to reduce market risks.

  • transparency

    Transparency and Interactivity

    Clear presentation of our investment strategy, with regular updates on the value of your investments. You get a complete portfolio disclosure of the investments made by various schemes, along with the proportion of funds invested in each asset type.

  • Liquidity

    Investments that can be liquefied* at any time, unless they have a specified lock-in period. *This may be subject to a small charge, called an exit load

  • Low Transaction Costs

    Lower transaction costs, so that you can invest more.

  • Regulations

    Investments in Mutual Funds are registered with SEBI, so that your interests are protected. Get the benefits of high returns and build a corpus of wealth. Invest in Mutual Funds with Bajaj Finance today.

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