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How To Apply


You can invest in Bajaj Finance Mutual Funds by submitting the following documents at any of our branch offices :

  • 1

    Step 1

    Common Mutual Fund application form

  • 2

    Step 2

    Mutual Fund ECS mandate form

  • 3

    Step 3

    SIP transaction form for a small recurring amount, or lump sum purchase form for one-time amount

  • 4

    Step 4

    Risk Profiler form

  • 5

    Step 5

    KYC acknowledgement letter, or printout of KYC compliance page

  • 6

    Step 6

    SIP/lump sum amount cheque*

If the cheque does not mention the account holder’s name, the current month’s bank account statement is also required. Please note that the statement must be for a period longer than 15 days.

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