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7 EPF claim forms you should know about

  • Highlights

  • Form 31 can help you get advance, loans and withdrawal

  • Form 10D is used to obtain monthly pension

  • Form 13 transfers funds from one account to the other

  • Form 20 and form 51F can be used by your nominees

Employees’ Provident Fund is a beneficial means of making provisions for your retirement. In addition, it can also help you take a loan or pay for the down payment of your home. While EPF contributions are easy to understand and track on the EPF website, knowing about certain important claim forms can make it easier for you and your family to use the funds in your account.

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Listed below are 7 most essential EPF claim forms.

Form 31

Also known as the ‘PF Advance form’, this form is an application used for acquiring advances, loans and withdrawals from your EPF account. Ensure you check theEPF rulesand claims criteria before you fill it in and submit it.

Form 10D

This form is used to avail monthly pension. You can use it to obtain pension after 58 years of age, avail pension before 58 years of age after turning 50, or to obtain a disability pension. In case of your demise, your official nominee can use this form to obtain dependant, family or child pension.

Form 10C

You will require EPF claim form in order to claim benefits under the EPF Scheme. Your PF account holds funds that are contributed by your employer too. These funds are divided into EPF and EPS. You can use the Form 10C to withdraw funds from your employer’s contribution in the EPS scheme.

Form 13

You may decide to switch jobs, which in turn changes your employer. In order to ensure your EPF is constantly contributed to, you can use this form. Form 13 allows you to transfer your funds from your previous employer to your PF account when you change jobs. This ensures your funds are in one specific place and not scattered because of a change in jobs.

Form 19

You can claim the final settlement of your Provident Fund using Form19. The purpose for claiming final settlement can range from retirement to migration and more. Check the eligibility criteria before using this form.

Form 20

In the case of your demise, your family member, nominee or legal heir can obtain your PF funds by using Form 20. This is applicable even if your employment has been shorter than 10 years.

Form 51F

This form can be used by your nominee of legal heir to claim the assurance benefit of the Employees’ Deposit linked insurance.

Learn about these important forms and make a note of them to help your family or legal heir understand them too! This will help you and your family get access to your EPF savings with ease.

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