EPF Balance Check - PF Balance Check With And Without UAN Number

EPF Balance Enquiry: How to check EPF balance amount online using the EPFO portal.
EPF Balance Check Without UAN
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26 March 2024

Investing in Employee's Provident Fund (EPF), also referred to as PF, helps you save for retirement and make the most of your employment years, as it comprises contributions made by you and your employer. To efficiently plan for retirement, it is essential to know the balance of your PF account. Understanding the balance will indicate how your savings match your goals and if you need to make other investments.

EPF serves as the primary program governed by the Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act, 1952, and its administration falls under the jurisdiction of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

Investing in the Employee's Provident Fund (EPF), often referred to as PF, is a smart move to secure your retirement and optimise your working years. This fund comprises contributions from both you and your employer. To effectively plan for your retirement, it's crucial to be aware of your PF account balance. Understanding this balance gives you insights into how well your savings align with your retirement goals and whether additional investments are necessary.

Being a well-informed investor means staying updated on your EPF account's balance, which can become a substantial corpus earmarked for important financial objectives. Moreover, given the various withdrawal options available, you can consider reinvesting your EPF amount in the future to further your financial plans.

As you plan, remember that FD can be a valuable asset alongside your EPF contributions. Use FD for specific goals like a down payment, education expenses, or to supplement retirement savings.

EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation)

The EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organisation) was established in 1951. It is an autonomous entity that encourages employees to save for their retirement. This organisation operates under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

The schemes provided by this institution encompass both Indian workers and international workers from countries with which the EPFO has established bilateral agreements.

How to check PF balance?

You can verify your PF balance through various methods, whether you have a UAN or not. Here are the options:

  • Giving missed to 9966044425
  • Sending an SMS on 7738299899
  • Using EPFO online portal
  • Using UMANG mobile application

How to check PF Balance with UAN number

To check your EPF balance with UAN number, you can use the Member Passbook facility provided by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). After registering on the Unified Member Portal, your passbook will be available after 6 hours.

How to check PF balance using EPFO portal

To verify your EPF balance, it is essential to have your Universal Account Number (UAN) activated by your employer. UAN serves as a unique identification number for employees enrolled in the EPF scheme, ensuring a seamless online operation of EPF services, including PF balance checks, withdrawals, and loan applications.

After activating your UAN, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the EPFO portal and select "For Employees" under the "Our Services" tab.
  2. Click on "Member Passbook" in the "Services" section.
  3. Log in with your activated UAN number and password.
  4. Choose the relevant "Member ID" and click on "View Passbook [Old: Full]."
  5. Your PF details will be presented on the screen.
  6. To retain a record, use the "Download Passbook" option to print the passbook.

How to check PF balance using the UMANG/EPFO app

The government launched the Umang/EPFO app to make it convenient for you to check your PF balance. With this app, you can view your passbook, raise a claim, and track the claim. The app, available for download on Google Play Store or App Store, facilitates tasks such as filing and tracking claims. To access the app, members need to complete a one-time registration using their UAN-registered cellphone number.

Here's a step-by-step guide on using the UMANG app to check your EPF transactions:

  1. Download the UMANG app from either Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Locate the "EPFO" option within the 'All Services' tab.
  3. Under 'Employee Centric Service,' click on 'View Passbook.'

How to check PF balance without UAN?

Here are some ways to check PF balance without UAN:

  1. PF balance check by sending an SMS
    If you have registered your UAN with EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation), you can check your PF balance quickly by sending an SMS. All you need to do is send a text message to 7738299899. The text message should include 'EPFOHO UAN ENG.' Here, UAN will be your personal UAN, and ENG is the first three letters of your language preference. Supported languages include English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.
  2. PF balance check through a missed call
    If you have registered and activated your mobile number on the UAN portal and completed KYC for your UAN, you can check your balance by giving a missed call. All you need to do is give a missed call to 9966044425 from the mobile number that you have registered with your UAN. The phone automatically disconnects after two rings, which means that you don't have to pay any charges. You will then receive details about your balance and the last contribution made to your PF account in the form of a text message.

Things to remember

  • Access to your EPF balance on the EPFO portal is contingent upon the activation and registration of your UAN.
  • The ability to view your passbook becomes accessible six hours post-registration on the EPFO Portal.
  • The passbook reflects the most recent entries reconciled by the EPFO Field Offices.
  • Members affiliated with exempted establishments and private trusts do not have the option to check their EPFO balance on the portal.

Is e-Nomination process for PF account mandatory?

While the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) does not impose a mandatory requirement for fore-nomination of PF accounts, opting for e-nomination is strongly advised. This proactive step facilitates your nominees in inheriting the EPF account in the event of your demise, providing a means to safeguard your loved ones.

How to submit an e-Nomination in EPFO?

To submit an e-Nomination in EPFO, follow these steps:

  • Access the UAN Member e-Sewa portal.
  • Provide the UAN number, password, captcha code, and click on the 'Sign In' button.
  • Navigate to the 'Manage' tab and select the 'E-nomination' option.
  • Confirm the family declaration by selecting 'Yes.'
  • Input family member details in the e-nomination form using the 'Add Family Details' option, allowing the inclusion of multiple nominees.
  • Declare the total share amount by clicking on 'Nomination Details.'
  • Save the EPF nomination by clicking on 'Save EPF Nomination.'
  • Generate an OTP and submit it by clicking on 'E-sign' after receiving it on the mobile number linked with Aadhaar.

How to check PF balance without registered mobile number?

You don't need your registered mobile number to check you PF balance every time; UAN and password are sufficient for login.

Follow the simple process below:

  1. Visit the PF passbook portal website and log in with your UAN and password.
  2. Select the specific PF account you want to check and click on "View PF passbook old."
  3. View the total employee balance, employer balance, and pension balance in the last column of the PF passbook.
  4. For yearly PF contributions, click on the "View Passbook (New: Yearly)" option.

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You can conveniently use the above methods to check your balance or the last contribution to your EPF amount at your convenience. You can also choose to multiply your contribution towards your account by aiding with a high-yielding fixed deposit.

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Is e-Nomination Process for PF Account Mandatory?

The e-nomination process for a PF account is not mandatory, but it is recommended for securing your loved ones' access to the EPF account after your demise.

How to check the EPF balance of exempted establishments or private trusts?

Workers from exempted establishments or private trusts lack the ability to access their EPF balances directly. In these situations, EPF contributions are channeled to trusts overseen by the company rather than the EPF itself. Therefore, the employee's PF balance details can only be obtained from the company-managed trust. Employees may acquire this information by reviewing their salary slips or submitting a request to the HR department.

Can I check the EPF balance if my EPF account is inoperative?

If your EPF account is inoperative, you can still check the balance using the EPFO portal or mobile applications by logging in with your UAN and password till you are 58 years of age.

Can I check my EPF balance using my Aadhaar number?

You need to provide the UAN number to check the EPF balance. Checking the balance using just your Aadhar card number is not possible.

Can I check the EPF balance of my EPF account created from previous employment?

Yes, you can check the EPF balance of your account from previous employment by logging in to the EPFO portal with your UAN and password.

When does the EPF balance get updated?

The EPF balance is typically updated within 24 hours of the contribution.

Is it allowed to apply for an EPF withdrawal online?

Yes, applying for EPF online is allowed and valid.

How long does it take for an EPF withdrawal to be processed?

It takes approximately 15 to 20 days for an EPF withdrawal to be processed.

Are EPF contributions deductible for tax purposes?

Contributions towards EPF is deductible under section 80C of the income tax act.

Do I need permission from my employer to withdraw money from my EPF?

No, you can withdraw money from your EPF account without the permission of your employer.

Is it necessary to provide the pan card when withdrawing EPF funds?

While it's not mandatory, providing your PAN card details during EPF withdrawal can help in avoiding TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on the withdrawal amount.

What happens to my EPF Account if I quit or change jobs?

If you quit or change jobs, your EPF account remains active, and you can either transfer the existing account to the new employer or continue with the same account by updating your employment details.

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