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Home loan in Kottayam

Home loan in Kottayam

Kottayam, a municipal town in the state of Kerala, also serves as the administrative capital of the State. The infrastructure and development rate of the town makes it the perfect area to live in. You can make living arrangements in Kottayam by availing Bajaj Finserv Home Loans, which come with affordable interest rates and flexibility in tenor.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexi Hybrid Home Loan

    By paying fair interest as EMI for the initial tenor, you are in a position to better manage your finances. You are required to repay the principal and interest only on the amount utilised by your home loan. The minimum amount that is accorded to a loan holder is Rs. 10 lakh, with the maximum amount being Rs. 3.5 crores.

  • Balance Transfer Facility

    You can transfer your existing home loan by transferring to Bajaj Finserv through fast processing, hassle-free process that require minimal documentation. Reasonable interest rates are also valid in transferred cases.

  • Top-Up Loan

    Avail a high-value top up loan at an attractive interest rate for your Home Loan in Kottayam, without any additional documentation.

  • Property dossier

    Bajaj Finserv offers guidance through all legal and financial elements of owning a property, with a report tailored for your case.

  • Part prepayment Charges

    With a Bajaj Finserv Home Loan in Kottayam, pay your loan amount before the stipulated time without becoming liable for any prt-prepayment charges.

  • No foreclosure charges

    Foreclose your loan without paying additional charges, once you’ve paid your first EMI to avail the best that Bajaj Finserv has to offer.

  • Flexible Tenor

    With Bajaj Finserv home loan in Kottayam, you can suit your repayment capacity to your situation, witha flexible tenor ranging up to 20 yearsor 240 months of payable EMIs. Use our Home Loan EMI Calculator to calculate the monthly amount and tenor.

  • Minimal Documentation

    Get your loan faster, with easy home loan eligibility criteria and minimal documentation.

  • Online Account Management

    Now with the Bajaj Finserv digital customer portal, you can conveniently manage your Home Loan accountsonline. Manage your Home Loan conveniently, with our digital customer portal

  • 3 EMI Holiday

    As a loyal customer of Bajaj Finserv, you are eligible to enjoy a grace period of 3 months, when you will not be required to pay your EMIs. This amount will be adjusted against tenor and can be useful in times of emergencies and crisis.

  • Insurance

    Customised Insurance Schemes

    By choosing a customised insurance scheme, you can protect your family from the burden of loan repayments in the event of financial crisis.

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Refer to the eligibility criteria and documentation required for to find out if you are eligible to avail a Bajaj Finserv home loan in Kottayam.Calculate your eligibility with our easy-to-use Home Loan Eligibility Calculator.

Interest Rates and Charges

Make sure to learnmore about the current home loan interest rate and find out about otherfees and charges applicable on your home loan in Kottayam.

Contact Us

If you are new to Bajaj Finserv and looking for information on home loans in Bikaner by Bajaj Finserv, call us at 1800-103-3535 or SMS ‘SHOL’ to 9773633633.

As an existing customer, you may reach us at 020-3957 4151, SMS to +91 9227564444 or mail us at [email protected]

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Kerala, India
Contact No.:+914813048361

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