Home loan overview

Doddaballapur is an industrial city in Karnataka, famous for weaving exclusive silk sarees. However, the majority of its residents depend on agriculture as their primary source of income.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a property in this city, consider contacting Bajaj Finserv for an affordable home loan in Doddaballapur. We have one branch in Doddaballapur. Visit our branch or apply for a home loan online today.

Features & benefits of home loan

  • Avail of Rs. 5 crore +

    Avail of Rs. 5 crore +

    Invest in an appropriate property without compromising. We offer Rs. 5 crore* or higher, basis eligibility, as a home loan in Doddaballapur.

  • Easy balance transfer facility

    Easy balance transfer facility

    Reduce the housing loan interest rate on your existing loan amount with our easy home loan balance transfer facility.

  • Top-up loan

    Top-up loan

    Our top-up loan of Rs. 1 crore, or even more help address your additional financing needs effortlessly.

  • Tenor of up to 30 years

    Tenor of up to 30 years

    Assess your repayment capability and choose a convenient tenor of up to 30 years.

  • Online application form

    Online application form

    No more visiting a branch. Easily apply for a housing loan in Doddaballapur by filling up an online application form.

  • Manage your account online

    Manage your account online

    Check home loan interest rate and other details 24x7 via our online customer service portal - Experia.

Home loan interest rate, fees & charges

Bajaj Finserv offers one of the most reasonable home loan rates in Doddaballapur, starting from 8.60%* p.a.

Besides interest rates, we incur nominal home loan processing fees and other charges. Know the complete list of fees and charges before applying.

It is advisable that you check your monthly outflows beforehand by using our Home Loan Calculator.

Home loan eligibility criteria

Make sure to check home loan eligibility before applying. Find them below:

  • Nationality: Indian citizen residing within the country
  • Age**: From 25 to 70** years (self-employed) and 23 to 62** years (salaried)
  • Business should be running for at least 5 years (in case of self-employed)
  • Work experience of at least 3 years (in case of salaried)

**Maximum age considered at the time of loan maturity.

Also, your residence must be in one of the places where our services are available.

Documents required for home loan

Arrange all the documents necessary before applying for a home loan in Doddaballapur:

  • Aadhaar card, utility bills, PAN card or any other KYC document
  • Proof of income like salary slip
  • Financial documents, especially for self-employed applicants
  • Proof of business vintage for the self-employed
  • Property documents such as sale deed with registration receipt, allotment letter, TAX receipt, agreement copy, etc.

Make sure to provide additional documents, if needed.

How to apply for a home loan?

You can easily apply for a home loan online by following these steps:

  1. 1 Look for the online application form
  2. 2 Fill the form with accurate information like name, address, employment status, etc.
  3. 3 Submit and wait for our executives to contact you for further processing
  4. 4 Hand over the documents and wait for verification followed by approval

Evaluate your eligibility before applying for a home loan in Doddaballapur. Use or eligibility calculator to determine how much money you can borrow according to your repayment capacity.