E-Commerce loans

E-commerce platforms reap the benefits of the internet, with many of the world's biggest companies being online markets. However, the internet space is highly competitive, and e-sellers need immediate access to funds to take advantage of new opportunities.

That is why Bajaj Finance caters to this need by offering hassle-free e-commerce business loans.

E-Commerce loans features & benefits

  • Flexi Loans

    Flexi Loans

    Choose the Flexi facility and pay up to 45% lower EMIs. This Flexi facility lets you withdraw funds when you need them from the sanctioned limit and prepay anytime at no additional charges.

  • No need for security

    No need for security

    These business loans are unsecured, meaning no need to place valuables at risk to get funds.

  • Online access to the loan account

    Online access to the loan account

    Manage outstanding loan balances and get account statements online anytime, anywhere.

  • Hassle-free processing

    Hassle-free processing

    With minimum documentation requirements and easy eligibility criteria, Bajaj Finance gives approval in just 48 hours* for these loans.

  • Large capital at affordable rates

    Large capital at affordable rates

    At competitive interest rates, you can get e-commerce business financing of up to Rs. 80 lakh* from Bajaj Finance.

What is an E-commerce business loan?

E-commerce business loans are quick and flexible working capital funds offered to business persons. These unsecured business loans are provided to small, medium and large companies with a presence on at least one of the top online platforms.

These loans help online sellers with needs such as increasing their inventory, day-to-day operation, promoting products, etc. It is quite easy for companies to apply for e-commerce loans as they have easy eligibility criteria and require only a few essential documents.

Apply for it online or offline as per your convenience and get quick funds.

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E-Commerce loans eligibility

These loans are relatively easy to avail of as their eligibility requirements are simple. Given are the eligibility criteria for e-commerce start-up loans.

  • CIBIL Score

    CIBIL Score

    Must be 685 or above.

  • Nationality


    Must be a residing Indian citizen.

  • Employment


    Must be a self-employed individual.

  • Business vintage

    Business vintage

    Must be at least 3 years.

  • Age


    24 years to 80 years*
    (*age should be 80 years at loan maturity).

Your business loan eligibility depends on several factors such as income source, past repayment behaviour, credit utilisation ratio and CIBIL score. If you want to know your loan amount eligibility, you can use our eligibility calculator.

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E-Commerce loans required documents

The documentation requirements for small business loans for e-commerce are minimal. The following is a list of the essential documents.

  • Identity proof: A valid document issued by the government such as voter ID card, PAN card, passport, driving licence, Aadhaar card.

  • Address proof: Passport, telephone bill, lease agreement, electricity bill.

  • Business ownership proof: Depending on the business, documents such as business registration, IT returns, GST return, sole proprietor's registration documents, partnership agreement.

  • Financial documents: Bank account statement, balance sheet, profit, and loss statements.

E-Commerce Loans Interest Rates

Bajaj Finserv offers one of the lowest interest rates for e-commerce business loans. It also charges a nominal processing fee and zero part-prepayment charges on loans with floating interest rates.

Get a lower interest on their business loans by opting for a shorter repayment period or keeping higher credit scores.

Asked frequently questions

Can I get loan for e-commerce business?

With Bajaj Finance you can apply for business loan of up to Rs. 80 lakh. This amount can be utilised for the growth of your e-commerce business.

How do I apply for an e-commerce business loan?

Applying for a business loan for your e-commerce business growth is simple and easy. If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, fill in the Bajaj Finserv Business Loan application form, complete your KYC and submit your application. Our representative will get in touch and guide you on the next steps.