Can I get Loan against Fixed Deposit?

Emergencies warrant immediate action, which is why most individuals break their FDs before maturity. These results in loss of interest and can disrupt your investment plans.

With Bajaj Finance, you need not break your Fixed Deposits to fund immediate financial requirements. Instead, you can avail a Loan against Fixed Deposits, which helps you get your money within just 24 hours.

A Loan against Fixed Deposits enables you to fund your financial needs easily, without having to break your Fixed Deposit investments.

Get a hassle-free Loan against Fixed Deposits and enjoy these benefits:

High Loan Value – In case of Cumulative FDs, you can avail a loan up to 75% of the amount you’ve invested. You can get a loan up to 60% of the amount invested in Non-Cumulative FDs.

Quick Processing – With a Loan against Fixed Deposits by Bajaj Finance, get money in your bank account within just 24 hours.

No Extra Charges – With no extra charges for foreclosure or part-prepayments, you can fulfil your financial needs easily, with Loan against Fixed Deposits.

Minimal Documentation – Get guaranteed approval, with just a single page documentation.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits enable you to grow your savings, and ensure easy liquidity, so you can use them as emergency funds too. With a simple loan against your Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits, you can look for greater flexibility and stable returns too.

A Loan against Fixed Deposits is easier to obtain, and can help you save your money too. You can avail this loan in less than a day, by simply filling up an application form. It helps you streamline your finances better, and avoid bearing the loss of interest rate on your Fixed Deposits, when you break them.

Interested in opening Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance? Check how to open FD Account or directly contact Bajaj Finserv Customer Care in case of any query.