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What are the Benefits of Buying Property in Lal Dora Regions in Delhi?

Benefits of Lal Dora Land in Delhi

With several land-locked areas falling within the ‘Lal Dora Aabadi’ category, this region of Delhi witnessed steady growth in the recent past. The region is unique as a person purchasing a Lal Dora property cannot register for it. Instead, he/she needs to acquire Lal Dora certification as proof of property ownership.

When buying a property in the Lal Dora region, finance this purchase with a high-value Mortgage Loan of up to Rs.3.5 Crore from Bajaj Finserv. Other attractive features and benefits of the Property Loan make it affordable and unique.

Purchasing a property in Lal Dora region is beneficial in multiple ways.

Benefits Of Buying A Lal Dora Property In Delhi:

     i. Property Available At Cheaper Rates

Properties in Lal Dora Region come at a much less expensive rate compared to other authorised areas in Delhi. Purchasing a property in this region thus becomes affordable. Finance it conveniently through hassle-free Loan Against Property process of application facilitated by Bajaj Finserv.

     ii. In The Vicinity Of Essential Locations

The region's proximity to most of the prime locations in Delhi is another benefit you get while purchasing a property here. It is easily accessible from nearby commercial spaces and well-connected to them through road.

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     iii. No House Tax For A House Built Within A Plot Of 200 Sq. Metre

If you purchase a constructed property within a plot of 200 square metres, you are also relieved from paying any house tax.

     iv. The Benefit Of Regulative Changes

Plots over 1,500 square feet area in this region have been brought under Delhi’s Master Plan for redevelopment as multi-storey apartments. The availability of high-rise buildings and basic amenities makes this place more attractive for dwellers.

Hence, buying a property in Lal Dora region is beneficial today. Avail a Loan Against Property from Bajaj Finserv at competitive interest rates and charges to make your purchase more affordable. Meet the minimum eligibility criteria and apply for your loan with the simple Mortgage Loan process put up by Bajaj Finserv.

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