What is a Lal Dora certificate?

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The term ‘lal dora’ was first used in 1908 for property classification and referred to village land extensions with specific agricultural use. at present, it extends to properties that have been classified as lal dora by the Delhi government.

A person holding a Lal Dora certification can construct a building in the Lal Dora region. So, if you own land in this region, obtain this certificate and construct your house by availing a mortgage loan from Bajaj Finserv

To make the process a lot simpler, here is how to apply for loan against property.

Steps to apply for a loan against property

  • Click on our application form to apply online
  • Enter your personal and property details
  • Enter your income details for the best offer

Our relationship manager will call and guide you on the next steps once you submit your details.




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