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Sharing its border with Pakistan, Pathankot in Punjab is a popular travel destination and a gateway to Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The city is also an educational hub for students from neighbouring states.

If you are a resident of Pathankot, apply for personal loans from Bajaj Finserv with flexible terms and conditions that let you manage your financial requirements conveniently.

Fill an online application form to avail of the loan.

Features and benefits of personal loan in Pathankot

  • No hidden costs

    No hidden costs

    With Bajaj Finserv, you get a transparent policy and no hidden costs.

  • Quick credit to account

    Quick credit to account

    Fulfil your financial commitments with ease—the approved loan amount reaches your account within 24 hours*.

  • Easy repayment

    Easy repayment

    Choose tenors of up to 96 months and use our tool for online personal loan EMI calculation to help determine the tenor that suits you best based on your monthly repayment capability.

  • Collateral-free loan

    Collateral-free loan

    You need not keep any assets as collateral to get a personal loan in Pathankot.

  • Flexi loan facility

    Flexi loan facility

    Bring down your repayment hassle with a Flexi personal loan. Save up to 45%* on EMIs by paying interest only on the amount used.

  • Fast approval

    Fast approval

    Bajaj Finserv offers quick approvals on loan applications so you can cover your monetary needs promptly and efficiently.

  • Online account facility

    Online account facility

    Stay informed about your loan details through our online account management facility—Experia.

  • Pre-approved offers

    Pre-approved offers

    Check your pre-approved offer online with your name and contact number to further ease the application process.

  • Few documents

    Few documents

    We need just a few documents to process your application. Enjoy doorstep document collection facility.

  • Higher loan amount

    Higher loan amount

    Borrowers in Pathankot can take a loan of up to Rs. 40 lakh based on certain eligibility criteria.

Pathankot is nestled along the Chakki River in the foothills of Dalhousie and Kangra. It serves as a resting point for tourists heading towards Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Chintpurni, Chamba, Jammu and Kashmir, and beyond.

Residents of Pathankot can meet their diverse financial needs with a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan. Get a unique personal loan with minimum documents and quick approval. Apply online or offline to get attractive interest rates and have a hassle-free application process.

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Eligibility criteria for instant personal loan in Pathankot

  • Nationality


    Indian, residing in the country

  • Employment


    Must be a salaried employee at a reputed MNC or a private/public limited company

  • Credit score

    Credit score

    Above 685

  • Age


    Between 21 years to 80 years*

  • Income


    Refer to our city list for minimum salary requirements

For more information on loan eligibility, use our customer portal – Experia 24x7. You can also download the Bajaj Finserv app.

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Interest rates and charges for personal loan in Pathankot

Know the total cost of the loan by finding out the interest rates and other charges.