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Hardoi city in Uttar Pradesh attracts several pilgrims with its numerous religious places. Several ancient temples, nature reserves, sites of patriotic significance, etc., make Hardoi a visitor’s delight.

Opt for a personal loan in Hardoi and fulfil all your dreams effortlessly. Private financiers like Bajaj Finserv provide flexible tenors, part-payment facilities, quick transfer and more with just a few documents.

Features and benefits of a personal loan in Hardoi

  • High-value loan amount

    High-value loan amount

    Bajaj Finserv sanctions personal loan finance of up to Rs. 35 lakh and ensures unrestricted use.

  • Quick approval

    Quick approval

    Fill the online application form and receive an instant approval within 5 minutes* on your personal loan in Hardoi.

  • Money in %$$PL-Disbursal$$%*

    Money in 24 hours*

    Once approved, the loan amount gets transferred to your account within 24 hours*.

  • Repay over a flexible tenor

    Repay over a flexible tenor

    Use a personal loan EMI calculator to select a suitable repayment tenor of up to 84 months.

  • Minimal documentation

    Minimal documentation

    With a minimal documentation requirement, the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan allows faster and hassle-free processing.

  • Pre-approved offers

    Pre-approved offers

    Bajaj Finserv brings pre-approved offers for existing customers to simplify the loan availing process. Check yours now.

  • Flexi loan facility

    Flexi loan facility

    Flexi loan reduces the EMI amount by almost 45%*. Pay interest only on the funds withdrawn.

  • Online loan management

    Online loan management

    Get access to your loan account 24/7 through our customer portal – Experia, and monitor your loan details online.

  • No hidden costs

    No hidden costs

    Forget about paying additional hidden charges when you avail of a personal loan from us.

  • Collateral-free financing

    Collateral-free financing

    With unsecured financing against minimum eligibility requirements, Bajaj Finserv eliminates your worries of providing collateral to secure funds.

Hardoi is the district administrative headquarters with a population of over 1.20 lakh. It’s known for the Naimisha forest and the Sandi bird sanctuary.

Bajaj Finserv, offers exclusive personal loans in Hardoi. Eligible borrowers can avail of the fund at interest rates starting from 11% onwards and are sanctioned without any collateral. An applicant only needs to meet specific eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documents to get the money in a few hours.

*Conditions apply

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Eligibility criteria for a personal loan in Hardoi

Eligibility parameters increase the scope for receiving approval. Check your eligibility requirements before applying for improved chances of approval.

  • Minimum salary

    Minimum salary

    View the city list to check now

  • Nationality


    Resident Indian
  • Age


    Between 21 years and 67 years*

  • Employment


    Salaried at a public/ private firm or an MNC

  • Credit score

    Credit score


Bajaj Finserv, being a trusted NBFC in India, ensures to make credit easily accessible to borrowers. Once you fulfil the above criteria, use the Bajaj Finserv Eligibility Calculator. The online tool shows the maximum loan amount you are qualified to avail of as per your eligibility.

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Interest rates and charges on a personal loan in Hardoi

Fund your diverse monetary needs in Hardoi with the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan available at competitive interest rates and affordable charges.

Frequently asked questions

How much EMI should I pay every month?

The equated monthly instalments depend on the loan amount and your preferred tenor. If you select a longer tenor, the EMIs will be smaller. If you choose a shorter tenor, the EMIs will increase. Check this instantly with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Calculator.

When is the best time to avail of a personal loan?

You can take a personal loan whenever you need additional funding and have sufficient repayment capability. Travel, wedding, higher education, home renovation, a big purchase, etc., are some of the purposes for availing of a personal loan.

Can the loan affect my CIBIL score?

Personal loans affect CIBIL scores depending on an individual’s financial behaviour. You can improve your score by paying EMIs on time and repaying within its tenor.

Is the personal loan eligible for tax benefits?

Yes, you can avail of income tax benefits on your personal loans under the income tax act.

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