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Increase Existing Home Loan Amount

How to Increase Home Loan Amount?

There are options available if you wish to increase your home loan amount. However, before applying for any home loan, you should use a home loan eligibility calculator and home loan EMI calculator in order to work out the amount that you are eligible for and the EMI that has to be repaid every month. You should also compare home loan interest rates offered by various lenders. For increasing the amount, you can get the present home loan refinanced. The second option helps in choosing several aspects linked to the home loan-

Loan Amount
Lender’s Charges
Interest Rate

Upon refinancing, the home loan amount can be increased. Keep an eye on the interest rates though. Also, by doing a home loan balance transfer to another lender, a top-up loan might be obtained for various purposes. In case you are applying for a fresh home loan and wish to increase your eligibility in terms of the amount that you can get sanctioned, you can consider having your spouse or family member as the co-applicant. This will help you get a higher loan amount sanctioned. You can increase your home loan amount post sanctioning in case you decide to buy a costlier property and have the eligibility to take a higher home loan amount as well.

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