Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum amount of the loan?

For instance, you are a chartered accountant with experience of 4 years and also meet the other required eligibility criteria. In that case, you can apply for a personal loan or business loan with Bajaj Finserv and get unsecured finance of up to Rs. 55 lakh. In case of bigger expenses, you can avail of a loan against property and get up to Rs. 55 Lakh.

What is the range of tenor available with these loans?

Bajaj Finserv offers a tailor-made suit for CA loans that comes with a flexible repayment tenor. If you opted for a personal loan or a business loan, you could repay it over 96 months, while if you have selected a loan against property, you get a maximum tenor of 96 months for repayment.

What is the mode of repayment?

You can repay your CA loan through NACH mandate.

What do I need to do to apply for a loan for chartered accountants?

You can apply for a loan for chartered accountants in just a few steps:

  • Click on the Apply Now button to open the online application form
  • Share your mobile number to get an OTP
  • Fill in your basic personal, professional and financial details
  • Select the loan amount you wish to borrow
  • Submit the required documents to our representative at your doorstep

Once you complete the abovementioned steps, our executive will guide you to the next steps.

Can I make part pre-payments on loan?

Post clearance of your first EMI, you can part-prepay your CA loan up to 6 times in a calendar year. However, the minimum amount for part-prepayment should be three times the EMI. If you have availed of the CA loan in a Flexi format, you don’t have to pay any additional charges for such part-prepayments. However, for a regular term loan CA loan, you have to pay an additional fee of 2% (plus taxes) on the prepaid amount.

What is a Flexi term loan?

The Flexi term loan is a one-of-a-kind feature provided by Bajaj Finserv that allows you to borrow funds flexibly from the sanctioned limit based on your needs. This Flexi facility lets you pay interest only on the amount utilised and not the entire sanctioned limit. You can also choose to pay interest-only EMIs for the initial tenor and lower your monthly instalments by up to 45%*.

*Terms and conditions apply

What is a Flexi interest-only loan?

A Flexi interest-only loan is very similar to a Flexi term loan, with the exception that your loan limit does not decrease every month. You can avail of this facility on both secured – loans against property and unsecured credit facilities – personal and business loans.

Do I need to provide any security to avail of the loan?

Bajaj Finserv offers a tailor-made suite of loans for chartered accountants. It comprises both secured and unsecured types of financial solutions. If you opt for a personal loan or a business loan, you can get funds up to Rs. 55 lakh without providing any collateral. However, for bigger expenses, you can choose a loan against property that is a secured option and get up to Rs. 55 Lakh.

What are the fees and charges which I incur during loan processing?

Bajaj Finserv CA Loan comes with 100% transparency and zero hidden charges as all the terms and conditions are laid upfront. A nominal charge of up to 2.95% of the loan amount (Inclusive of applicable taxes) will be charged as a processing fee. Click here to know more about the interest rates and other charges related to CA loans.

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