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Chartered Accountant Loan FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of the loan?

With Bajaj Finserv, chartered accountants can get a personal loan and a business loan up to Rs. 42 lakh and a loan against property up to Rs. 50 lakh.

What is the range of tenor available with these loans?

The repayment tenor for a personal loan and a business loan for chartered accountants is 12 to 96 months. While a loan against property for chartered accountants can be repaid within 144 months.

What is the mode of repayment?

You can repay through NACH mandate.

What do I need to do apply for a Loan for Chartered Accountants?

For quicker approvals, click the Apply Now button on the banner above. Or SMS ‘Chartered Accountants’ to 9773633633. You could also give a missed call on 09266900069

Can I make part pre-payments on the loan?

Pre-pay your loan in parts whenever you have excess funds for up to 6 times in a calendar year, post the clearance of your first EMI. The minimum amount should be 3 times of the EMI for part pre-payment. If you avail the loan in a flexi format, then you don’t have to pay any charges for such part prepayments.

What is a Flexi Term Loan?

With the feature of ‘borrow as you need, prepay as you can’, Flexi Term Loans let you withdraw as per your needs and repay the loan as and when you have excess funds with you. Here, you pay interest only on the amount used. You can further reduce your monthly payments as have an option to pay only the interest as your EMIs with the principal payable at the end of the tenor. You can save up to 45% on your EMIs with Flexi Term Loans.

What is a Flexi Interest-only Loan?

A Flexi interest-only loan has all the features of a Flexi Term Loan with the only difference being that here your loan limit does not decrease on a monthly basis. Flexi Interest-only Loans can be availed for personal and business loans and for a loan against property.

Do I need to provide any security to take the loan?

There is absolutely no need to provide any security/collateral to avail a Personal Loan or Business Loan for Chartered Accountants. Whereas a loan against property for chartered accountants is a secured loan as the lender sanctions the loan against your asset.

What are the fees & charges on the loan?

You can check the details on the fees and charges associated with the loan by clicking on the respective loan category page.

What are the Fees and Charges which I incur during Loan Processing?

Below are different types of fee & charges that are levied on a loan ( only if applicable)

Interest rate applicable for Business & Professional Loans Customer varies basis the credit score which includes without limitations, a number of variables such as, customer details, loan delinquency and many more. These variables have been recognized as material risk explaining variables in company segmentation analysis. The aforesaid is dynamic and gets revised periodically as per the experience and performance of past portfolio and hence subject to change.

BPI (Broken Period Interest) is applicable for cases disbursed post 15th of every month. BPI is calculated on pro-rata basis for the remaining days of the month from the date of disbursal. This is so because the EMIs start from the second month of loan booking. The 1st month is considered as free period where no interest or EMI is charged from the customer.

Processing fee This is the amount of fee charged for end to end processing of the customer’s loan application.

What is the TAT(Turn Around Time) for Foreclosure Statement?

The TAT for issuance foreclosure statement is typically 12 working days.

What to do when your complaint/service request is not resolved within 30 days?

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