What are the stamp duty rates in Bangalore?

Stamp duty is a mandatory payment made by the purchaser to the sub-registrar of the property's locality to officially register the property in the government's records under their name. This fee is determined and imposed by the respective state governments

What is the stamp duty rates in Bangalore?

Know the stamp duty and property registration charges in Bangalore before applying for a home loan in the Karnataka. Choose the property and pay the applicable charges to transfer it to your name legally.

The stamp duty applicable to properties varies based on their market value, ranging from 3% to 5%. Similarly, the registration charges are determined by the market value, ranging from 1% to 3%. For example, in Bangalore, properties valued under Rs. 20 lakh attract a stamp duty charge of 2%. On the other hand, properties valued between Rs. 21 lakh and Rs. 35 lakh have a stamp duty rate of 3%, while properties above Rs. 45 lakh incur a stamp duty charge of 5%.

In addition to the stamp duty in Karnataka, it is important to allocate funds for the cess and surcharge that form a part of the property registration charges in Bangalore and other cities across the state. For properties with a value exceeding Rs 35 lakh in urban areas, a cess of 10% and a surcharge of 2% are applied, resulting in an effective stamp duty of 5.6%. In rural areas, the stamp duty for home buyers stands at 5.65%, as the surcharge is set at 3%.

The stamp duty charges in Bangalore depend on parameters such as property’s age, buyer’s age, gender, property’s type (residential or commercial), location, amenities available. Use our user-friendly stamp duty calculator and know the cost involved.