Submit your FATCA declaration in My Account

Visit our customer portal to submit your FATCA form in a few easy steps.

FATCA declaration

If you’ve opted for a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, you need to submit a FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) declaration. However, if you’re a non-resident Indian, it’s mandatory to submit your FATCA. This is because your tax liabilities will be governed by the country of residence.

You can submit the FATCA declaration online in a few easy steps by visiting our customer portal – My Account.

  • Submit your FATCA declaration online

    Submit your FATCA declaration online

    You can submit the FATCA form in My Account by following these simple steps:

    • You can sign-in to our customer portal by entering your mobile number or email ID and the OTP.
    • Verify your details with your date of birth and proceed.
    • Select the fixed deposit from ‘My Relations’.
    • Click on the ‘FATCA Form’ option from the ‘Quick Actions’ section.
    • Enter the required information and click on ‘Generate OTP’.
    • Verify your details with the OTP sent to your registered number.

    You can also directly visit our customer portal by clicking on ‘Submit your FATCA declaration’ below. Once signed-in, select your FD, click on ‘FATCA Form’ within ‘Quick Actions’ and proceed. You’ll receive a confirmation message on your screen once you submit the declaration.

    Submit your FATCA declaration

  • When you invest in a fixed deposit, you must submit FATCA/ CRS declaration to the financial institutions. This declaration informs the financial institution about your citizenship and tax residency status.

    You can submit your FATCA declaration in a few simple steps by visiting our customer portal – My Account.

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