Check your fixed deposit details in My Account

Visit our customer portal to find details such as FD amount, maturity date, and rate of interest.

View your fixed deposit details

Every time you book a fixed deposit with us, you’re assigned a unique string of numbers known as the FD number. Your FD number helps you track details, such as maturity amount, rate of interest, date of maturity and more.

You can check all these FD details and much more by visiting My Account – Bajaj Finance customer portal.

  • Check your fixed deposit details

    Check your fixed deposit details

    You can check your FD maturity date, rate of interest, maturity amount and more by following these simple steps:

    • Visit our customer portal by clicking the ‘Sign-in’ button on this page.
    • Enter your registered mobile number and submit the OTP to sign-in.
    • Verify your details with your date of birth and proceed.
    • From ‘My Relations’, select the fixed deposit for which you want to view details.
    • Find details like an FD number, tenure, rate of interest, etc.

    You can also check your fixed deposit details by clicking on ‘View your FD details’. You’ll be asked to sign-in to My Account where you can select FD and find details.

    View your FD details

  • You can view details such as the FD amount, maturity date, rate of interest and more by visiting our customer portal – My Account.

    All you have to do is enter your mobile number and the OTP to sign-in, select your FD from ‘My Relations’ and find its details.

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  • Check your fixed deposits

    Visit our customer portal and track your FD details easily.