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Bajaj Finserv, India's most diversified NBFC, now offers housing loans at a low interest rate of 8.50% on online Home Loan and Balance Transfer from other banks for all salaried customers.

Features and Benefits

What is Property Dossier?
Property Dossier is another industry first value added service offered to Mortgage customers of Bajaj Finserv.
Buying a property is a big investment decision which requires huge finances. There are various aspects of property which are critical to evaluate prior to buying a property but however, are generally missed by the buyers to check. This may result in wrong decision of buying a fraudulent property or huge financial losses to the customer.

Property Dossier is a customized report that guides the customer through all the legal and technical aspects of owning a property in a simple and crisp manner. It also covers general property knowledge tips as well as all macro factors like property index of the city, important property tips etc.

  • Legal Report:

    It details out the title flow of the property and opinion on its overall legal aspects

  • Valuation Report:

    It contains the fair market value of the property along with robust opinion on regulatory approvals

  • Property credit history:

    It gives access to the mortgage information of the property to prevent fraudulent transactions on the property. It has detailed information on the chain of property owners and summaries of all loans on the property. It consists of 2 important reports

  • Market Dynamics reports:

    It provides bird’s eye view of the real estate market of the city with specific focus on infrastructure, price indexes, demand-supply trends and investment opportunities.

  • Loan Documents:

    This section contains List of Documents submitted to BFL and amortization chart

Customer proposition

Key value proposition to customer are as follows:

In India, legal complexities of a property are highest. With property dossier, customer is assured of the Property Title and Legality with clear reports rather than blindly relying on checks done by financier Valuation report in Property Dossier acts as a proof of current market valuation of the property
Property Credit history ( CIBIL, CERSAI report) enables customer to be assured of no fraudulent or misrepresentation of property related transactions in the past
Comprehensive property analysis covering property city trends, infrastructure and connectivity, real estate market trends and investment opportunities.
Exhaustive Good to know section which provides knowledge on process of share certificate transfer, Mutation, electricity bill ownership transfer, property tax and home loan registration Important property tips on what to do in case of loss of property documents and execution of property will in India
Property buyer always has anxiety pertaining to the property s/he is going to purchase. In India most of property related records are still not available online, making it extremely difficult for a buyer to check previous transactional and legal records of the property s/he is going to buy. To top it up, Legal records are very complex in nature and makes it very difficult for a common man to understand them. From technical side many approvals are required to be procured prior to construction of the property from various government authorities. Whether the developer has complied with all the norms and taken requisite approvals is not feasible for an individual buyer to verify. These are important compliances required to be checked before buying a property.
“To summarize, Property Dossier is as a One Stop information package to customers and can act as a complete guide on his pre and post property transaction”

To apply,write to us at [email protected]ajajfinserv.in or call us on our toll free number 1800 209 4151

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