Features and benefits

Get all home loan tips and guide before you invest in a property. Get all information in the property dossier section.

  • Comprehensive report

    Comprehensive report

    Access data pertaining to the legalities of the property in question, the title flow, and other legal aspects.

  • Loan documentation guide

    Loan documentation guide

    The dossier serves as a guide as it clearly lists the documentation requirements of a Bajaj Finserv Home Loan.

  • Credit information

    Credit information

    Know the mortgage information of the property to prevent fraudulent transactions on the property.

  • Valuation data

    Valuation data

    The dossier contains information about a property’s market value and its compliance with the regulation.

  • Market report

    Market report

    Get a bird’s eye view of the real estate market of the city with data about the price indexes and demand-supply trends.

Property dossier

Bajaj Finserv offers home loans at attractive interest rates for all borrowers with stable financial profiles. The instrument is loaded with features that prioritize borrowers' convenience and affordability. Among the benefits is the Property Dossier, which is a value-added service to help customers make informed borrowing decisions.

Considering that buying property is a big investment decision, there may be times where critical aspects may be overlooked. To help minimize this, you can access the Property Dossier. This is a customized report aimed at simplifying the legal and technical aspects of owning a property. It covers general property knowledge tips as well as all macro factors like property index of the city, pricing trend, and more.

How will a Property Dossier help

The Property Dossier is a comprehensive information package that borrowers can access and use as a guide when undertaking a property transaction. It clearly highlights the property credit history (CIBIL, CERSAI report), thus informing you of any fraudulent activities or misrepresentation of property-related transactions in the past. It also provides an in-depth property analysis that covers pricing trends, infrastructure and connectivity, real estate market trends, and investment opportunities.

It also features an exhaustive ‘Good to Know’ section that provides information on various key aspects. This includes data on the process of share certificate transfer, mutation, electricity bill ownership transfer, property tax, and home loan registration. You can also refer to property tips on what to do in case of loss of property documents and execution of property will in India.