Instant Personal Loan for Women

Get immediate access to funds in a hassle-free manner with an instant personal loan for women.
Instant Personal Loan for Women
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26 May 2023

Instant personal loans have gained immense popularity in recent years as they offer a hassle-free way to get financial assistance. These loans are designed to cater to your specific needs and provide a quick way to borrow money. For instance, Instant personal loans for housewives or working women can help them meet urgent expenses such as medical emergencies, home repairs, education expenses, and more.

You can get an Insta Personal Loan if you find yourself in need of funds right away to pay for anything. The loan is meant to suit the unique needs of our customers, who may require instant access to funds.

Features and benefits of an instant personal loan for women:

Quick processing

The main advantage of instant loans is the rapid processing of funds. You have the option to accept a pre-approved offer given by us or opt for a lower amount. The process moves quickly because the creditworthiness of the customer is assessed before an offer is made. In the case of a Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan, select customers can expect the funds to be deposited into their bank accounts within only 30 minutes*, without providing any additional documentation.

No income proof for existing customers

Insta Personal Loan is a pre-approved loan offer. You do not have to check any eligibility parameters. Whether you are a salaried professional or a self-employed working woman, you can go ahead and check your loan offer. Select customers may not have to submit any documents at all for a Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan. Likewise, there is no requirement for submitting income proof documents either. Other customers might need to provide only a few basic documents such as bank account statements and KYC documents.

Pre-assigned limits

You can check your borrowing capacity without going through a lengthy application process. Existing customers can get a loan limit that has been pre-approved, and new customers can get a pre-assigned limit right away. You can check your instant personal loan offer by just entering the phone number and OTP.

Flexible tenures

Insta Personal Loans offer flexible terms that range up to 63 months. You can select a repayment period that best suits your needs.

No hidden charges

You can read all about our fees and charges on our website as well as in our loan documents. You do not have to worry about any hidden charges.

Eligibility criteria for an instant loan for women

Our Insta Personal Loan provides pre-approved offers to existing customers. New customers can also generate a pre-assigned limit by entering their mobile number and OTP.

Since we check the creditworthiness of borrowers before extending offers, you do not have to check any eligibility criteria separately. The age limit for getting an Insta Personal Loan is 21 years to 80 years*.

*Higher age limit applicable at the time of loan maturity.

Documents required for obtaining an instant loan for women

Select customers can get our Insta Personal Loan without having to submit any documents. Depending on your profile, you may need to submit the following documents:

  • KYC documents such as Aadhaar, passport, driving license, voter’s ID, or a Letter of National Population Register
  • PAN card
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Bank account statements for the last 3 months
  • Salary slips for the last 3 months

Process of applying for an instant personal loan for women

An Insta Personal Loan is available to anyone. Your documentation requirements will depend on whether you are a new or existing customer.

For existing customers

You might have a pre-approved loan offer. All you need is your mobile phone.

  • Simply click on ‘CHECK OFFER’ on the Insta Personal Loan page to view your pre-approved offer.
  • You will be required to provide your phone number and a one-time password (OTP) to confirm your profile.
  • You might not even need to send any paperwork since your loan has been pre-approved.

For new customers

You do not necessarily have to be an existing customer to get the benefits of an Insta Personal Loan. Anyone with a valid mobile number can check their Insta Personal Loan offer. Though some new customers might be requested to provide a few documents to validate the information.

You always have the option of applying for a standard personal loan if you do not see an Insta Personal Loan offer.

An instant loan for women is an excellent option for those who need quick access to funds. These loans offer a hassle-free way of getting financial assistance that is available to everyone. You can learn more about Insta Personal Loans and check your offer by visiting the link below.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum amount that I can get with an instant personal loan for women?

The maximum amount that women can get with an instant loan for women depends on your credit profile and also the lender. In the case of a Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan, you may borrow up to Rs. 12,76,500. An Insta Personal Loan is a flexible option for managing a range of obligations, from paying for your child's education to handling a medical emergency.

What CIBIL Score is necessary to qualify for a Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan?

You do not need to know your credit score to apply for our Insta Personal Loan. We extend an Insta Personal Loan offer only after verifying several credit parameters. For a regular personal loan, you need a CIBIL Score of 685 or above.

How do I apply for a loan instantly without any paperwork?

Bajaj Finance gives pre-approved loans to some of its existing customers. You may be able to apply for an Insta Personal Loan without submitting any paperwork in some instances. Depending on their profile, some customers may need to submit basic paperwork such as KYC documents or bank statements.

Can I prepay a portion of my Insta Personal Loan?

Yes, you can make part-prepayments towards your Insta Personal Loan. You are allowed to make part pre-payments up to six times per year after your first EMI has been cleared.

How long does it take to get personal loan approval for women?

Our Insta Personal Loan provides pre-approved offers, so you do not have to worry about loan approval post application.

How can I improve my CIBIL Score to get an instant loan for women?

You can take certain steps to improve your CIBIL Score. Some examples are:

  • Make timely credit card and loan repayments
  • Maintain a low credit utilisation ratio
  • Close all unused loan accounts
  • Report any irregularities or errors in your profile to authorities such as CIBIL

Is any guarantor required while applying for a personal loan for women?

You do not need a guarantor to get our Insta Personal Loan.

What is the EMI for a Rs. 5 lakh Insta Personal Loan for women?

The EMI amount depends on the interest rate and tenure as well, apart from the loan amount. For example, the EMI for a Rs. 5 lakh Insta Personal Loan at an interest rate of 15% for a tenure of 4 years, will be approximately Rs. 13,915.

What is the minimum income requirement for a personal loan for women?

A Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan requires a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 25,001. However, it could differ depending on the city in which you reside. For cities like Ahmedabad and Kolkata, the minimum requirement is Rs. 30,000 per month; for places like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, or Pune, it costs Rs. 35,000 per month.

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