How to check your Insta Personal Loan offer

Get personal loan offer real-time. Pre-approved limits for existing customers, pre-assigned for new.
How to check your Insta Personal Loan offer
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28 Sep 2022

The newest product in our lineup is the Insta Personal Loan. This was created with the specific needs of our customers in mind, who might at any time require quick access to funds.

Insta Personal Loan works differently from a regular personal loan. In a regular personal loan, an individual has to apply for a personal loan and find out whether they qualify for the loan or not.

In our Insta Personal Loan, you do not need to go through the application process to find if you qualify or not.

The process for Insta Personal Loan works differently for our existing customers and non-customers.

For our existing customers

In Insta Personal Loan, we have Pre-approved loan limits already assigned, which our customers can check online using their mobile numbers.

As an example, Saloni wants to see if she has a Pre-approved offer for an urgent personal loan. She has a running consumer durable loan with us. She can click on ‘Check Offer’ and enter the OTP. She will get to her Pre-approved loan limit.

Now, Saloni has the option of taking advantage of the offer right away or doing so later.

For new customers

We have built an online platform wherein anyone with a valid mobile number may check their personal loan offer online quick.

For instance, Anmol wants an immediate personal loan even though she is not one of our customers. She can click on ‘Check Offer’, enter her registered mobile number, and the OTP. She will get to see the pre-assigned borrowing limit on the screen. She now has the option to proceed with the application process, which requires less than five minutes, in order to accept the offer.

Once her application is approved, money will be credited to her bank account within 24 hours*. Occasionally, it could take a little bit longer than 24 hours.

Here are the additional features of our Insta Personal Loans:

Pre-approved/ pre-assigned limits

For our customers, finding out how much of a loan they will receive does not require them to complete the entire application process. As explained above, our existing customers enjoy Pre-approved limits. Even for our non-customers, we have pre-assigned limits.

Immediate processing

We were inspired by the green channel experience at international airports and wanted to create a similar experience for our Insta Personal Loans. For our customers, we have used the information we already have to create Pre-approved offers.

Flexible loan repayment tenures

We understand that no two customers have the same requirements. Saloni needs a loan for one year and Anmol wants it for five years. On our Insta Personal Loan, we provide flexible terms ranging from 6 months to 63 months. You can choose the tenure that works best for you.

Here is the link to our Insta Personal Loan page, wherein you can read about the product and also check your offer online.

Check Offer


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