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Personal Loan Transfer to Bajaj Finserv

A personal loan balance transfer allows you to make your EMIs more manageable by offering an interest-only repayment option for the first two years by refinancing your existing loan at attractive rates. Avail a host of other benefits when you transfer your existing dues to Bajaj Finserv.

The loan refinancing option allows you to get the benefits of competitive interest rates and flexibility in repayment tenor to increase affordability. Take a look at all the features and benefits offered by us.

  • Features and Benefits of Loan Balance Transfer:

  • Instant approval

    Apply for a personal loan transfer with Bajaj Finserv and receive instant approval. The refinance facility allows easy personal loan transfer from one bank to another against minimum eligibility.

    Keep the required documents handy and also check eligibility criteria before applying to experience hassle-free processing.

  • Instant Personal Loan upto Rs. 25 Lakh

    Flexi benefits

    Transfer your existing personal loan to Bajaj Finserv and enjoy unique Flexi benefits. Borrowers need to pay interest only on the amount utilised from their loan limit and not on the total principal. It keeps interest accrual in check throughout the loan tenor.

  • Unlimited part-prepayments and withdrawals for free

    The Flexi hybrid feature on Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans also allows you to make multiple withdrawals from the pre-sanctioned amount. Such withdrawals do not attract any charges and can be done as and when necessary.

    Personal loan balance transfer to Bajaj Finserv also allows borrowers to make unlimited part pre-payments at zero additional charges.

  • Tenor

    EMIs lowered by up to 45%*

    Opt to pay interest-only EMIs during the initial part of the tenor with our Flexi loan facility and reduce your instalment burden significantly. Such repayment option brings down the EMIs by up to 45%*.

  • Online loan account access

    Experia app and customer portal

    After completing the loan transfer process, access your account via our online customer portal and app, Experia. Log in to the portal with your username and password to make hassle-free transactions through your loan account.

  • Tenor

    Extended loan tenors

    Get an extended tenor of up to 84 months with the personal loan balance transfer Bajaj Finserv and make repayments conveniently.

    The tenor flexibility allows you to choose a repayment period per your affordability and financial capacity, and helps to keep EMIs within budget.

  • Minimal documentation

    Minimal documentation

    Borrowers can avail of a loan transfer against minimum documentation requirements. Provide only a handful of essential documents such as identity, address, and income proof to avail of the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan Balance Transfer facility.

  • Online loan account management

    Transfer your existing personal loan balance and access your account details conveniently with a few simple clicks. Bajaj Finserv provides easy online management of your personal loan account for hassle-free access to loan takeover details and on-the-go tracking.

    The online loan account management facility is available 24x7 from anywhere and lets you stay updated regarding all essential details such as EMI due date and outstanding loan amount.

Process to Apply for Personal Loan Balance Transfer

The process to transfer loan from one bank to another is simple and only takes a few steps. Follow the steps given below to complete the balance transfer of your existing personal loan to Bajaj Finserv.

  1. Check and compare the interest rates offered from your existing lender with Bajaj Finserv’s interest rates.
  2. Estimate the cost of personal loan balance transfer, including all fees and charges applicable.
  3. Apply for a NOC and obtain a foreclosure letter from your existing lender.
  4. Proceed to apply for a balance transfer with Bajaj Finserv via an online application form fill-up.
  5. Submit the required documents and complete verification.