Features and benefits

  • Easy eligibility

    Easy eligibility

    Refinance your personal loan with Bajaj Finserv against simple eligibility criteria.
  • Instant approval

    Instant approval

    Meet the eligibility terms and get instant approval on your balance transfer application.
  • Minimal documentation

    Minimal documentation

    Provide basic documents such as ID proof, address proof, NOC, and the foreclosure letter to switch lenders.

  • Extended repayment term

    Extended repayment term

    Divide your EMIs over a maximum of 96 months to keep repayment within budget.

  • Flexi Hybrid benefits

    Flexi Hybrid benefits

    Get a pre-approved amount and pay interest on the amount withdrawn only. Make unlimited withdrawals and deposits on the go, free of charge.
  • Lighter repayment

    Lighter repayment

    Opt to pay interest-only EMIs for the initial part of your tenor with the Flexi loan facility and reduce your EMIs by up to 45%*.

  • Online loan management

    Online loan management

    Pay EMIs, make part pre-payments, view future payments, download statements, and more through the customer portal, My Account.

Transfer your existing personal loan to Bajaj Finserv to make your EMIs more manageable. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans are offered at competitive interest rates, and you can repay your loan over an extended tenor of up to 96 months for increased affordability.

To refinance your loan with Bajaj Finserv, meet the simple eligibility criteria and keep the minimum documentation requirements ready. You can then apply online to get instant approval.

Apart from attractive interest rates and an extended repayment term, we also offer Flexi loan benefits. With this, you can pay interest-only EMIs for the first part of the loan tenor. Moreover, you are assigned a pre-approved limit and can make multiple withdrawals and deposits from it without incurring extra charges. Here, interest is charged on the amount you withdraw only.

Upon switching lenders, you enjoy a host of benefits, including online loan management tools. You can pay your EMIs, download your statements, and even foreclose your loan through our customer portal, My Account.

Refinancing your loan can help you save on interest and make repayment more manageable. Ensure you do a thorough cost-benefit analysis before you apply for an instant personal loan balance transfer.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Process to apply for an instant personal loan balance transfer

Follow the steps below to transfer your existing personal loan to Bajaj Finserv.

  1. 1 Compare your current lender’s interest rates with those of Bajaj Finserv
  2. 2 Estimate the cost of a personal loan balance transfer, including all the fees and charges applicable
  3. 3 Obtain an NOC and a foreclosure letter from your existing lender
  4. 4 Apply for an instant personal loan balance transfer with Bajaj Finserv via the online application form
  5. 5 Submit the required documents to facilitate the verification