Home Loan for Government Employees

Getting a home loan for government employees is an easy and seamless process. Bajaj Finance offers a high-value sanction of home loan to government employees of up to Rs. 15 crore* that helps you to easily purchase or build the home of your dreams, or even renovate an existing one without compromises.

The loan comes with a flexible tenure of up to 40 years and has an attractive rate of interest. Combined, these two features help you keep costs in check with ease. You also get access to the home loan calculator, which is a free-to-use online tool that helps you plan your loan better. Use it when comparing loan offers and when identifying loan terms that best suit your finances.

Home Loan for Government Employees: Features and Benefits

Government applicants interested in availing a housing loan can read below points to know about the features of the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan.

  • Ample funding

    Ample funding

    Bajaj Finserv provides loan amounts up to Rs. 15 crore* to eligible candidates to boost your home buying journeys.

  • Easy refinancing

    Easy refinancing

    You can transfer your existing home loan balance to us and avail all the features and benefits we offer.

  • Zero prepayment charges

    Zero prepayment charges

    Enjoy nil part-prepayment or foreclosure charges on your home loan, making early repayment a lot more affordable.

  • Flexible tenor

    Flexible tenor

    Access a flexible repayment period of up to 30 years and keep home loan EMIs within your budget all through.

  • Minimal paperwork

    Minimal paperwork

    The required documents for home loan application are simple and make loan processing a lot quicker

  • Easy account management

    Easy account management

    Using our online customer portal, you can access your loan account at any time and from anywhere.

Eligibility Criteria for Government Employees

With our home loan eligibility calculator, all you have to do is fill in basic personal details and you can find out if you qualify for the loan. To know the criteria you need to meet, read on.

  • Nationality



  • Age


    23 years to 70 years for salaried individuals

  • Employment status

    Employment status

    At least 3 years of experience

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    725 or higher

*Please note that the list of eligibility mentioned is indicative. Terms and conditions apply.

*Conditions apply

Read about the complete fees and charges applicable on the home loan and plan repayment with ease.

Home loan benefits for government employees

Government employees in India can enjoy certain benefits when availing a home loan. Here are some common benefits available to government employees:

  1. Lower interest rates: Many banks and financial institutions offer special home loan schemes with lower interest rates for government employees. These preferential rates can help reduce the overall interest burden on the loan.
  2. Longer repayment tenure: Government employees may be eligible for extended repayment tenures compared to regular home loan applicants. This allows for more manageable EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments) and flexibility in loan repayment.
  3. Higher loan amounts: Government employees often have the advantage of being eligible for higher loan amounts compared to other borrowers. The loan amount is typically based on factors such as the employee's income, job stability, and service tenure.
  4. Lower processing fees: Banks and financial institutions may offer discounted or waived processing fees for home loans taken by government employees. This helps reduce the upfront costs associated with loan processing.
  5. Flexible repayment options: Government employees may have access to flexible repayment options, such as step-up or step-down EMIs, based on their expected career progression or retirement plans. These options provide greater financial flexibility during different stages of their employment.
  6. Easy loan approval: Government employees generally have a higher chance of loan approval due to their stable income and job security. Lenders perceive government employees as low-risk borrowers, making the loan approval process smoother and faster.

It's important to note that the specific benefits and eligibility criteria may vary among lenders and are subject to individual bank policies. Government employees interested in availing a home loan should research and compare the offerings of different lenders to find the best-suited option for their needs.

How to apply for a home loan for government employees

To get started, you need only fill the online application form. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow.

  1. 1 Go to the website and click on ‘Apply Online’
  2. 2 Input basic personal details and enter the OTP
  3. 3 Use the online calculator to decide on the ideal loan amount and tenor
  4. 4 Fill in your personal, employment, property, and financial details

Once you complete this form, an authorised representative will contact you with further instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a government employee get a 100% home loan?

Yes, government employees in India can avail of home loans up to 100% of the value of the property. Several public sector banks and housing finance companies provide home loans specifically designed for government employees, which come with attractive interest rates and repayment options.

However, the eligibility criteria for such loans may vary from one lender to another. The borrower's age, income, credit score, and employment history are some of the factors that lenders consider while approving home loans for government employees. Additionally, lenders may also require the borrower to purchase home insurance and opt for an ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) mandate to ensure timely repayments.

In summary, government employees in India can avail of home loans up to 100% of the value of the property. However, they need to meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by the lender. It is advisable to compare the interest rates, processing fees, and prepayment charges of various lenders before choosing a home loan.

Do government employees need collateral to take a Home loan?

No, government employees generally do not need collateral to take a home loan in India. Government employees are considered low-risk borrowers due to their stable income and job security. As a result, many banks and financial institutions offer home loans to government employees without requiring any collateral.

How much home loan can government employee get?

You can get a home loan of up to Rs. 15 crore* at an interest rate starting from 8.50%* p.a. if you are a salaried individual.

Is there a Central Government scheme for home loans?

The central government of India had implemented the "Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)" to promote affordable housing and facilitate home loans. PMAY included components like the Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) providing interest subsidies on home loans, and initiatives encouraging affordable housing construction. However, the availability and details of such schemes may change over time, so it is advisable to check the official Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs website for the latest information.

What is the interest rate home loan for an IAS officer?

You can apply for a home loan from Bajaj Finance at an interest rate starting from 8.50%* p.a..

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