Eligibility criteria for a home loan through the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan app

  • Nationality: You must be an Indian citizen residing in India.
  • Age: A salaried applicant must be between 23 years to 65 years, and a self-employed professional must be between 23 years to 75 years.
    *The upper age limit is considered as the age at the time of loan maturity.
  • CIBIL Score: A CIBIL Score of 725 or higher is ideal to get a home loan.
  • Occupation: Salaried employee, a professional individual, and a self-employed individual.

Features and benefits

Learn more about Bajaj Finserv home loan app.

  • Online loan tracking

    Online loan tracking

    Track your active loans, download statements, and manage your loan on the go with the home loan app.

  • Financial history

    Financial history

    View statements and other pertinent information of your past loans or investments through this smart provision.

  • Digital payment tool

    Digital payment tool

    Pay your EMIs, make partial prepayments, or foreclose your existing loans right through the app.

  • Drawdown functionality

    Drawdown functionality

    Avail of the drawdown feature easily and without any hassles whatsoever.

  • Real-time notifications

    Real-time notifications

    Get quick updates on all new events regarding payments and offers right on the homepage.

  • Raise requests

    Raise requests

    The home loan app can be used to log a new request, check the status of any existing requests, and view past requests.

  • Easy navigation

    Easy navigation

    Switch between the Experia and BFL Wallet seamlessly for maximum convenience when handling financial dealings.

  • Tailored loan deals

    Tailored loan deals

    Use the app to access special pre-approved loan offers to expedite access to funding.

Home loan app

The Bajaj Finserv Home Loan has several features and among them is the fully-loaded home loan app, Experia. With this digital tool, you can avail funding on the go, manage your loan online and even make payments without breaking a sweat. Moreover, downloading the app is beneficial to both new and existing customers.

Prospective borrowers can apply for a home loan right through the app and avail personalised offers too! Existing customers enjoy these benefits too and can access important information about their active and inactive loans. Here is a list of all the details accessible through the app.

  • Loan amount availed
  • EMIs left
  • Statement of account
  • Repayment schedule
  • Interest certificate
  • Loan and EMI details
  • Charges
  • Pre-approved and recommended offers
  • Notifications

How to download the Bajaj Finserv App through the app store?

To download the Bajaj Finserv App through the app store, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS) on your smartphone.
  2. In the search bar, type "Bajaj Finserv App" and press enter.
  3. Locate the official Bajaj Finserv App from the search results.
  4. Tap on the app, then select "Install" (for Android) or "Get" (for iOS).
  5. Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
  6. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.

How to download and install home loan App through Google Play Store

The process to download and install the Bajaj Finserv App from the Google Play Store or Apple App store is very simple and easy to follow. Here is a quick 6-step guide for your reference.

  1. 1 Search for the Bajaj Finserv app on Google Play or Apple App store
  2. 2 Click ‘Install’ to start the download
  3. 3 Open the Bajaj Finserv app once downloaded
  4. 4 Accept the end user license agreement
  5. 5 Choose your language from the 14 languages available and click ‘Proceed’ to continue
  6. 6 Log in to the home loan app with your existing Experia ID or registered mobile number

Steps to apply for a home loan through home loan app

You can use the home loan app to apply for a home. These are easy steps to follow.

  1. 1 Open the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan App
  2. 2 Activate it using the Experia ID or mobile number
  3. 3 Visit the personalized, pre-approved or recommended offers section to access funding

*Terms and conditions apply

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Frequently asked questions

Is a home loan app safe to use?

Yes, a home loan app is generally safe to use as long as it is downloaded from official app stores and uses encryption to protect your personal and financial information.

Is the home loan app available for both Android and iOS?

Yes, home loan apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Can I track my home loan application status on the app?

Yes, home loan apps allow you to track the status of your loan application in real-time, providing updates and notifications throughout the process.

How long does it take to get a home loan approval through the app?

With Bajaj Housing Finance, loan application will be approved within 48 Hours* of submission, and in some cases, even sooner.

Can I set up automatic payments for my home loan on the app?

Yes, home loan apps provide the option to set up automatic payments, ensuring timely repayments and helping you manage your loan efficiently.

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