Features of fixed deposit

  • Get secured returns up to %$$FD48-60-sencumulative$$%
    Get secured returns up to 7.05%

    Manage post-retirement expenses with higher returns on your deposit.

  • Flexible tenors up to 60 months
    Flexible tenors up to 60 months

    Get higher returns on your investments by staying invested for longer.

  • Deposits starting just Rs. 5,000 per month
    Deposits starting just Rs. 5,000 per month

    Start small monthly savings by choosing the Systematic Deposit Plan.

A fixed deposit is a savings option that helps you earn interest on savings invested with a financial institute of your choice. You can choose to get returns periodically or at maturity. The rate of interest earned is higher than money kept in savings accounts.

With Bajaj Finance, you get attractive FD interest rates of up to 7.05%, along with the convenience of investing from the comfort of your home with an end-to-end paperless investment process.

With market volatilities and unprecedented market movements, investing in a fixed deposit is the best way to safeguard your savings. Bajaj Finance provides investors with the dual benefit of safety of deposit, as well as attractive returns owing to the high FD interest rates.

*Conditions apply

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Fixed deposit interest rates

Annual rate of interest valid for deposits from Rs. 25,000 up to Rs. 5 crore (w.e.f. Dec 01, 2021)

Tenor in months

12 – 23

24 – 35






















Rate benefits basis customer category (w.e.f. Dec 01, 2021)

  • Additional rate benefit up to 0.25% for senior citizens

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum amount for investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit?

You can start saving with just Rs. 25,000 in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit or start saving with just Rs. 5,000 per month in a Systematic Deposit Plan.

Bajaj Finance Limited has changed the FD rates. Will the new rate be applicable to my existing deposit?

No. Since you have locked in your money with us at a specific rate, you will continue to receive that rate till maturity.

Can I withdraw from my fixed deposit before maturity?

Yes, you can withdraw from your fixed deposit after a minimum lock-in period of 3 months. However, this may lead to loss of interest, which can be avoided by taking a loan against fixed deposit, at nominal interest rates.

What are the benefits of the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit?

The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers a host of benefits, such as:

  • The minimum deposit amount is of Rs. 25,000
  • Rated FAAA/Stable by CRISIL and MAAA/Stable by ICRA, which means the highest safety of your money
  • Attractive and assured rates of interest for your money to grow periodically
  • Choose an investment tenor from 12 to 60 months
  • Branch presence across over 1,000 locations in India
  • Access to all product details on our customer portal – Experia
  • Flexibility of payment options through electronic or physical modes
  • Special rates for senior citizens, existing customers and group employees
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