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Agra ranks high in terms of financial penetration and consumption indices. As a fast-developing industrial destination, Agra has gained the attention of several entrepreneurs across the world. With a focus on security, investors in Agra seek stable investment avenues like fixed deposits.

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Features and benefits of fixed deposit

  • Attractive returns up to %$$FD48-60-sencumulative$$%
    Attractive returns up to 7.05%
    Bajaj Finance is one of the safest investment options offering attractive FD rates without any effect of market fluctuations.
  • Small deposit amount
    Small deposit amount
    Get started on your investment journey with an amount of just Rs. 25,000 and make your savings grow.
  • Flexible tenors up to 60 months
    Flexible tenors up to 60 months
    Choose to stay invested for 12 to 60 months, as per your investment goals.
  • High stability
    High stability

    Backed by ICRA's MAAA rating and CRISIL's FAAA rating, you can earn assured returns on your fixed deposits.

Grow your savings with a fixed deposit in Agra

Boost your savings by investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit in Agra and earn stable returns at a rate of up to 7.05%. These returns are backed by ICRA's MAAA rating and CRISIL's FAAA rating, ensuring deposit safety. Invest over a flexible tenor from 12 to 60 months, use the FD calculator to forecast your earnings.

You can choose to invest in a cumulative or a non-cumulative FD to either maximize the effect of compounding or meet recurring expenses with frequent interest payouts.

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Fixed deposit in Agra

With Bajaj Finance, you get attractive interest rates of up to 7.05% on your fixed deposit in Agra. By investing in this FD, you can ensure the highest safety of your deposit with no effect from market movements.

The annual rate of interest is valid for deposits from Rs. 25,000 up to Rs. 5 crore (w.e.f. Dec 01, 2021)
Tenor in months 12 – 23 24 – 35 36 – 60
Cumulative 5.65% 6.40% 6.80%
Monthly 5.51% 6.22% 6.60%
Quarterly 5.53% 6.25% 6.63%
Half-yearly 5.57% 6.30% 6.69%
Annual 5.65% 6.40% 6.80%

Rate benefits basis customer category (w.e.f. Dec 01, 2021)

  • Additional rate benefits up to 0.25% p.a. for senior citizens