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Business Loan in Patna : Features and Benefits

Do you own a business in Patna? Do you require a business loan in Patna? You can apply for a business loan at Bajaj Finserv, which comes with the following advantages:

  • Business loans up to Rs.30 lakh

  • Simple application process

  • Money disbursed within 72 hours

  • Collateral-free loan

Patna is the capital of Bihar and is a major hub for trade, commerce and agriculture. It is a major export hub for sesame, grain, sugarcane and rice along with being home to several sugar mills. The FMCG sector is a major growth driver in the city along with the services sector. Patna has been rated as one of the best cities for doing business and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Considering the growing needs of entrepreneurs in Patna, Bajaj Finserv offers business loans which are convenient and hassle free. Apply for a business loan in Patna from Bajaj Finserv and give your business a major boost.

When you apply for a business loan from Bajaj Finserv in Patna, you get several benefits including the following:

  • Low Rates of Interest

    Bajaj Finserv offers low rates of interest in order to make your business loan more affordable.

  • Flexi loan

    With the Flexi loan option from Bajaj Finserv, you can get a dedicated loan limit for a particular loan tenor. You only have to pay interest on the amount that is utilized and can repay the principal when the loan tenor ends.

  • Loans up to Rs.30 Lakh

    Bajaj Finserv offers high loan amounts of up to Rs.30 lakh, for taking care of all your business needs and aspirations.

  • Zero Collateral

    No collateral or guarantors are required by Bajaj Finserv for business loans. This eases the burden on you as you do not have to mortgage your assets to obtain essential funding to grow your business.

  • Special Pre-Approved Offers

    As a Bajaj Finserv customer you get several pre-approved offers, which give you multiple benefits including easier documentation and lower interest rates.

  • Convenient Online Access

    You can easily access and manage your loan account online anytime and anywhere as per your own convenience.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

    You can flexibly repay your business loan by paying only the interest component throughout the loan tenor and then repaying the principal amount when the tenor ends. This facility from Bajaj Finserv ensures maximum customer convenience.

  • Taking a business loan in Patna will help you increase your presence and market competitiveness. You will be able to expand your reach in a fast growing city and earn higher profits for your business.

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