Term loan on property

A term loan on the property is a high-value finance option that comes with a pre-set term or tenor, which you can choose as per your capacity to pay EMIs. You can avail a term loan to meet both personal and professional funding needs. If you need finance for a new enterprise, you can use it as a start up loan. A term loan the on property is a long-term loan that can be repaid over an extended period ranging to 15 years.

When compared to unsecured short-term loans, with tenors of up to 5 years, a long-term loan on property offers the advantage of ample financing and an affordable interest rate.

By mortgaging the property, you can easily get a long-term loan from Bajaj Finserv for needs like a family wedding, business expansion, a medical emergency, debt consolidation, and more. Get this loan against competitive interest and nominal charges.

To find out the procedure for applying for the term loan on the property, read on

  • Estimate the loan amount
    Avail up to Rs. 10.50 crore* with a Loan Against Property from Bajaj Finserv.
  • Meet the eligibility terms
    Get quick approval with lenient criteria assessing the eligibility of a self-employed and salaried individual seeking funding.
  • Apply for finance online
    Fill out the simple online application form to have your application processed quickly.
  • Provide documentation
    Post application, submit KYC, financial, and property documents to prove your eligibility for funding.
  • Receive funds speedily
    Get approval within 48 hours* of submitting documents and the funds disbursed to your account in 72 hours* post-approval.

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*Conditions apply