What are the stamp duty rates in Chennai?

The market value of a property is a benchmark that determines a property’s stamp duty in Chennai. It is flat 7% of the current valuation of a designated property. Stamp duty of property in Chennai is same for urban and rural areas. It is also the same for resale properties. Both men and women need to pay stamp duty at the same rate in Chennai.

The registration charges for properties in Chennai are 1% of their current market value. Knowing these charges is also essential when applying for a home loan. Pay stamp duty and registration fees in Chennai both online and offline. Visit SHCIL official website to know the collection centres. Fill up the form and submit it at ACC (Authorised Collection Centre).

Or, opt for the e-stamping system, RTGS, NEFT, etc., for online stamp duty payment in Chennai. Simplify the calculation process with our online stamp duty calculator.