How to merge UAN of different EPF accounts

Learn step-by-step process for merging UAN of different EPF account.
Merge UAN
4 mins
21 March 2024

Dealing with multiple Employee Provident Fund (EPF) accounts with two different Universal Account Numbers (UAN) can be complicated. To make EPF management easier, merging these UAN is the solution. In this guide, we will understand the step-by-step process of merging two UAN from different EPF accounts, simplifying your provident fund (PF) management.

While streamlining your EPF accounts is important, it is equally crucial to consider other investment options for diversifying your portfolio. Fixed deposit (FD) offers guaranteed returns and can be a great way to set aside funds for specific goals or create a financial safety net while your EPF contributions grow for retirement.

How to merge two UANs of different EPF accounts

If you have two different UANs, consider deactivating one (generally, the older one). The EPFO offers two methods for deactivation and EPF account transfer:

Method 1

  1. Report the issue to your employer or EPFO.
  2. Email with details of your current and previous UAN.
  3. EPFO will verify the issue and block the previous UAN, keeping the current one active.
  4. Submit a claim to transfer the EPF account (linked to the blocked UAN) to the new active UAN account.

This process is time-consuming, and the resolution rate is low. EPFO now provides a new method for merging two UAN for easier EPF transfer.

Method 2

  1. You need to request for the transfer of EPF amount from the old UAN to the new UAN.
  2. Upon receiving the EPF transfer request, the EPFO system automatically identifies the duplicate UAN.
  3. After identification, the EPFO deactivates the old UAN, linking the employee's previous member ID to the new UAN. Employee will receive an SMS regarding the deactivation.
  4. If the new UAN is inactive, the employee will be requested to activate it, to get the updated status of the account.
  5. If you get PF arrears, they go to the new PF account linked with the new UAN. To avoid issues, quickly transfer from the old EPF to the new one.
  6. The system automatically fills in the new UAN number in the ECR.

Things needed to merge UAN accounts

  1. UAN activation
    Make sure your UAN is active. If you still need to activate it, you can do so through the official EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organisation) website.
  2. Linking Aadhaar
    Ensure that your Aadhaar number is linked to your UAN. This is a crucial step as it helps in the online merging process. You can link your Aadhaar through the EPFO portal.
  3. KYC details
    Verify and update your KYC details, including your bank account, PAN card, and mobile number on the EPFO portal. Accurate KYC information is essential for a smooth merging process.

Reasons for allotment of two UANs

  1. Not disclosing the previously allotted UAN
    When an employee changes jobs, they must disclose their previous UAN and EPF account number (Member ID). If you now provide these details the new employer will open a new UAN and EPF account.
  2. Failure to provide the date of exit by the previous employer
    The previous employer must specify the date of exit in the Electronic Challan and Return (ECR). If the date of exit is not specified, the new employers will assign a new UAN to the employee.

Benefits of merging EPFO accounts

  1. Funds consolidation: Merging different EPFO accounts puts all your Provident Fund (PF) savings into one account. This simplifies tracking and managing your retirement savings, giving you a clear picture of your PF investment.
  2. Easy withdrawals: With a single, unified account, withdrawing your PF funds becomes straightforward. Whether it is for retirement, medical emergencies, or home purchases, having just one account eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple accounts and paperwork, making the withdrawal process easier.
  3. Less administrative hassle: Handling one EPFO account is simpler and less complicated than managing multiple accounts. This consolidation minimises administrative challenges, allowing individuals to stay organised and concentrate on their financial objectives more easily.


EPFO is very useful for efficient PF account management. Merging UAN of two different EPF accounts provides benefits like simplified management and uninterrupted interest earnings. It is essential to maintain accurate details, monitor your balance, and prioritise account security after the merger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you have two UAN numbers?

If you have two UAN numbers, it can lead to confusion and complications in managing your Provident Fund accounts also having two UAN is against the law.

How many days does it take to merge two PF accounts?

The duration to merge two PF accounts can vary, but it typically takes two days.

Is Form 13 mandatory for UAN transfer?

Yes, Form 13 is a mandatory for UAN transfer.


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