EPF Form 2

Learn about EPF Form 2 and e-nomination for secure financial future.
EPF Form 2
4 mins
21 March 2024

EPF, or Employees’ Provident Fund, operates as a social security scheme where both employees and employers contribute a part of the salary to the fund. Every employee is required to declare and nominate beneficiaries under the Employees’ Provident Fund scheme, 1952, and Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995. Through EPF Form 2, employees can file a nomination, ensuring that the designated individual receives the accumulated funds in the event of the employee's untimely demise.

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How to fill e-Nomination?

  • Log in to the EPF member portal using your UAN and password.
  • Navigate to the "Manage" section and click on the "e-Nomination" option.
  • Update your permanent and current address in your profile and save the information.
  • Select whether you have immediate family or not.
  • Fill in the details of your family members, including Aadhaar number, name, gender, date of birth, relation, guardian's details (for minors), and address.
  • Save the family details and use the "Add Row" option if you have more nominees.
  • Select nominees from the list and allocate the total amount share for each nominee.
  • Click on "Save EPF Nomination Form" to complete this nomination process.

How to file nomination offline?

To nominate, complete the EPF Form 2 by providing the necessary details and submit the form to your employer. Once Form 2 is filed, the EPF account will be updated with the nomination details.

Necessary details for completing PF Form 2

In order to include a nominee in your EPF account, Form 2 plays a crucial role under the Employees' Pension and PF schemes. Ensuring accurate and complete information is essential. Here are the details required to fill out Form 2:

1. Member's information:

  • Full name of the member
  • Date of birth
  • Father's name
  • Permanent address

2. Nominee's information:

  • Name of the nominee
  • Date of birth of the nominee
  • Complete address of the nominee
  • Member's relationship with the nominee
  • Portion of the PF amount allocated to each nominee

3. Dependency details:

  • If the member does not have any dependent family or parents (as defined in para 2(g) of the Employees Provident Fund Scheme 1952), then relevant sections should be omitted.

4. Minor nominee information:

  • If the nominee is a minor, then the member must provide details of the guardian who will receive the PF amount on their behalf

5. Subscriber's signature:

  • A valid signature from the subscriber is necessary for authentication

6. Pension information:

  • Information about family members eligible for children or widow's pension in the event of the member's demise

7. Employer/authorised officer's signature:

  • Authentication by the employer or an authorised officer

8. Factory/establishment details:

  • Name and address of the factory or establishment associated with the EPF account

Guidelines for nominating family members using EPF form 2

If you are a married employee with dependent parents, or if you have individuals who are financially reliant on you, you have the option to nominate one or more family members using EPF Form 2.

Consider the following key points when choosing to nominate family members through EPF Form 2:

A. In employees’ provident fund scheme

1. For male employees:

  • Nominate your wife
  • Nominate dependent parents
  • Nominate your children
  • Nominate the widow of your son and her children

2. For female employees:

  • Nominate your husband
  • Nominate dependent parents
  • Nominate your children
  • Nominate your husband’s dependent parents
  • Nominate the widow of your son and her children

B. In employee’s pension scheme

Define your family in the Employee’s Pension Scheme as:

  • Spouse of the employee
  • Minor son and unmarried daughter of the employee
  • Adopted son/daughter (adopted before the employee's death)

Important points to remember while nominating family members

  • Subscribers can change their nominations at their discretion
  • Nominations should be in favour of one or more family members
  • If a member has no family, they can nominate anyone
  • Multiple family members can be nominated with a defined percentage for each
  • Minimum 10 years of eligible service entitles the employee to a pension
  • If the employee has family members, nominations cannot be made outside the family
  • Once an unmarried member marries, they must file a fresh nomination again


EPF Form 2 holds significant importance for every employee, safeguarding their EPF savings for their family in the case of an unfortunate demise. By following the above guidelines and steps employees can easily complete the e-nomination, securing benefits for their nominated family members from the EPF account.

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