Everything you need to know about repayment of Gold Loans

When you opt for a gold loan, understanding the repayment process is crucial for a seamless experience.
Everything you need to know about repayment of Gold Loans
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8 June 2023

Since gold loans have easy eligibility criteria, you can easily secure funds by pledging your gold jewellery as collateral. Compared to unsecured personal loans, lenders charge lower interest rates on gold loans. Once you repay the loan, the lender returns your asset.

Because gold loans are backed by assets, they offer a lower cost of borrowing, making them a suitable option for many borrowers. However, repaying a gold loan can sometimes become difficult due to other financial obligations. So, let us explore some ways you can efficiently manage the repayment of your gold loan.

Your repayment options

Gold loans offer multiple repayment options tailored to your needs. The most common method is the equated monthly instalments (EMI), where you repay a fixed amount each month that includes both principal and interest. With Bajaj Finance you also have the option of bullet repayment, where you pay only the interest during the gold loan tenure and settle the principal amount at the end.

It is important to select the repayment option that aligns with your financial capabilities and objectives. Additionally, ensure you understand the repayment frequency, whether it is monthly, quarterly, or any other schedule, to effectively plan your finances.

Prepayment and foreclosure

Gold loans often provide the flexibility of prepayment, allowing you to repay the loan before the scheduled tenure. Prepayment can reduce the overall interest burden and save you money. However, it is important to inquire about any prepayment penalties or charges imposed by your lender. Some lenders may levy a nominal fee or a percentage of the outstanding loan amount as a prepayment penalty. With a Bajaj Finance Gold Loan, however, you will not have to pay any addition charges for gold loan foreclosure or prepayment.

Managing repayment effectively

Effectively managing the repayment of your gold loan is crucial to avoid defaults or delays. Start by setting a budget that allocates sufficient funds each month for the EMI or interest payment. Consider automating your repayment process through standing instructions or electronic fund transfers to avoid missing any payment due dates.

You should also regularly monitor your loan account to keep track of the outstanding balance and the interest accrued. Whenever you have surplus funds, try making partial prepayments to reduce the interest burden and shorten the loan tenure. Maintaining discipline in your repayment approach will help you successfully complete the loan and retain your gold assets.

Consequences of default

Defaulting on your gold loan can have serious consequences, including the risk of losing your pledged gold ornaments. In the event of prolonged non-payment or default, the lender has the right to auction off your gold assets to recover the outstanding amount. To avoid such situations, it is crucial to prioritise the repayment of your gold loan and fulfil your financial obligations. If you encounter any difficulties in repayment, promptly communicate with your lender and explore options to prevent default.

When you take a gold loan, understanding the repayment process is essential. By understanding the repayment options, interest calculations, prepayment terms, and effective repayment management methods, you can ensure a smooth repayment journey, protect your gold assets, and fulfil your financial responsibilities with ease.


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