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What is my Bajaj Finance loan account number?

What is LAN (Loan Account Number)?

Loan account number or LAN is a unique 14-15 digit number assigned to a loan account when a credit is issued. The lender assigns this unique number to borrowers' accounts. The primary purpose of LAN for lenders is:

  • First, it helps to differentiate one customer's loan account from another
  • Second, it allows them to track loan details for regular updates

You can find your Bajaj Finance loan account number from your loan statement. Additionally, you can find out the same through the customer login portal and app in no time. Customers can also reach out to us via SMS or customer care number to find out their LAN.

Note that customers based in rural areas are assigned a 14 digit loan account number. On the other hand, customers based in urban areas get a 15 digit loan account number.

Ways to check Bajaj Finance Loan account number

Here’s how to know the Bajaj loan account number in different ways:

A. Customer portal

Step 1: Navigate to our customer care portal – Experia
Step 2: Log in with your customer ID and OTP
Step 3: Look for the 'Services' tab and click on the 'View All' button
Step 4: Select the specific loan whose LAN you wish to check
Step 5: Click on ‘View Details’

Once these steps are covered, LAN, along with other details, will appear on the screen.

B. Loan Statement

One can find the loan account number from the loan statement. Typically, LAN is mentioned at the top of the monthly loan statement. Such a statement is issued to existing customers on request.

You can raise a request to avail loan statements from us by reaching out to us through our 'Contact Us page. Usually, the loan statement is sent to the customers on their registered email ID.

C. Experia App

Use the Experia app to find out your Loan Account Number. Follow these steps to streamline the process:

Step 1: Open the Experia app
Step 2: Log in with a registered mobile number, Experia ID, or through Facebook and OTP
Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Services’ tab
Step 4: Look for the ‘View All’ option and click on it

Subsequently, all relevant details will appear on the screen.

D. Visit Branch

You can find out your loan account number in person from Bajaj Finserv customer care executive by simply visiting the nearest branch. Make sure to carry a valid identity proof to access information with greater ease.

E. Send SMS

You can also find out your loan account number via SMS. Compose a text message saying ‘LAN’ and send it to 9227564444 from your registered mobile number. Note that standard SMS charges will be applicable.

Importance of Bajaj Finance loan account number

Bajaj loan account number (LAN) proves useful for these purposes:

  • Tracking loan transactions
  • Accessing loan interest repayment details
  • Summarizing applicable charges
  • Assigning a unique identity to each borrower

Besides these, borrowers must provide their LAN to Bajaj Finance customer care to access loan details. You can find out your Bajaj Finance loan account number by simply logging in to the customer care portal – Experia. Other than that, you can check the information through SMS, customer care number, or raising a request on our website. Individuals who prefer in-person assistance can visit the nearest branch of Bajaj Finance to request their LAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my Bajaj Finance loan account number?

You can find the Bajaj Finance loan account number on your loan account statement. You can check the number through Bajaj Experia App, customer care portal, via SMS, or simply by visiting any of our branches.

Is the account number the same as the loan number?

No, loan number and account number are two separate identifiers. Account number is mentioned on a customer’s online profile and usually starts with ‘9’.

Typically, it is mentioned at the top of the summary page. On the other hand, the individual loan account number is a 14 15-digit number that is assigned to every ongoing loan. You can find both loan number and account number on your monthly statement.

What is a self-service option for assistance in Bajaj Finance?

The Experia portal, Experia App, SMS service, and Virtual assistant BLU are among the popular self-service options for assistance in Bajaj Finance. Also, the WhatsApp service and Bajaj Finance Wallet App come under Bajaj Finance services.

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