Cancel your consumer durable loan in My Account

Visit our customer portal to raise a cancellation request.

How to raise a loan cancellation request

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Cancel your consumer durable loan

You can cancel your loan within seven business days from the disbursement date for the purchase. This is applicable to both Bajaj Mall purchases and offline purchases at our partner store.

However, for purchases made on e-commerce sites, you need to raise the cancellation request with the respective site.

  • Raise a loan cancellation request in My Account

    Raise a loan cancellation request in My Account

    • Click on the ‘Sign-in’ button on this page.
    • Enter your registered mobile number and submit the OTP to sign-in to our customer portal.
    • Verify your details using your date of birth and proceed.
    • Select your loan account number.
    • Click on ‘Cancel Loan’ within the ‘Quick Actions’ section.
    • Select your cancellation reason and submit your request.

    Alternatively, you can click on the below link to cancel your loan. You’ll receive a call from our representative on further steps within 48 business hours.

    Cancel my loan

  • Check your consumer durable loan account

    Sign-in to our customer portal in two simple steps and manage your loans.