Property rates in Pune

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Property rates in Pune have seen a steady rise in the past few years, mainly due to supporting infrastructure, job opportunities and other facilities. Pune, however, still provides a price advantage in terms of property rates with its promising real estate market.

Homebuyers looking to purchase a residential apartment or residential land for house construction can find an affordable housing option here.

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Check out the various price rates of property in Pune.

Current property rates in Pune

I. Residential apartments

The lowest price range for a property in Pune is available in Baramati locality with per square feet price ranging between Rs. 2,338 and Rs .2,890 per sq. ft. The highest rates for a residential apartment in Pune range between Rs. 12,500/sq. ft. and Rs. 13,600/sq. ft. for localities like Law College Road.

Several localities have residential apartments with a price range between Rs. 3, 000/sq. ft. and Rs. 6,000/sq. ft. which makes purchasing them affordable. For locations with better amenities and connectivity, expect a price range between Rs. 6,000/sq. ft. and Rs. 8,500/sq. ft.

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II. Residential land

Prices for residential land in Pune range between Rs. 4,500/sq. yd. and Rs. 35,000/sq. yd. Areas like Jejuri and Katraj Kondhwa Road have the lowest rates available while rates for places like Manjri BK and Hadapsar lie towards the upper end.

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Frequently asked questions

What factors influence property rates in Pune?

Property rates in Pune are influenced by various factors such as location, infrastructure development, demand and supply dynamics, economic conditions, and government policies. Understanding these factors can help potential buyers and investors gauge the current and future trends in property rates.

How can I find information about the recent property transactions and rates in a specific Pune locality?

To obtain information about recent property transactions and rates in a specific Pune locality, you can visit the local sub-registrar office, explore online real estate portals, consult with local real estate agents, and check government websites that may provide data on property registrations and transactions.

Are there any upcoming infrastructure projects in Pune that may impact property rates?

Yes, Pune has several upcoming infrastructure projects, including metro expansions, road developments, and other urban initiatives. Staying informed about these projects can provide insights into potential changes in property rates.

What is the future of real estate prices in Pune?

There are several factors can provide insights. Monitoring current market trends, economic indicators, infrastructure development, government policies, and interest rates is crucial. Additionally, considering market sentiment, supply and demand dynamics, global economic conditions, technology trends, and demographic shifts can help assess potential future trends.

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