Loan Against Property in Dhule

As part of a mortgage loan, or ar loan against property (LAP), you avail of a loan while keeping your property as collateral. At the end of the tenor, when you repay the entire sum with interest, the property ownership is once again returned to you. The biggest advantage here is that throughout the tenor, you are still free to use the property as you deem fit.

The exact amount you can avail of varies as per your profile (employment, income, financial, and credit) and the property in question (location, condition, and valuation). As per guidelines, you can avail of up to 75% of your property’s market value as a loan against property. Both residential and commercial properties can be used to apply for financing under LAP.

Features and benefits of a Loan Against Property in Dhule

Just like in other cities, taking a property loan in Dhule has several advantages. With Bajaj Finserv, you are assured of a number of benefits when it comes to the application, as well as in terms of loan servicing.

  • Simple paperwork

    Simple paperwork

    Tedious paperwork can make for a difficult application process, which is why we request only minimal documents when you apply for a property loan in Dhule, or any other city for that matter.

    All we need are the documents that prove your identity, address, employment/ income source, and of course, property ownership. Since your property serves as a collateral in the case of a LAP, documentation is kept to a minimum. This speeds up the loan review process and approval time.

  • Nominal interest rate

    Nominal interest rate

    We offer competitive interest rates to ease the burden of repayment. While this does make repayment easier, loan affordability varies from person to person, and it is best you check the EMIs applicable in your case to know what loan amount and tenor your should opt for to comfortably repay the sum without defaulting.

    Use our online calculator to determine your loan against property EMI. When you select an amount, the tool gives you a clear picture of what your monthly payments will be like. It's fast, accurate, and helps you to avoid last minute surprises.

  • The option to prepay/ foreclose at no additional cost

    The option to prepay/ foreclose at no additional cost

    If you would like to repay the loan completely before the tenor elapses, there's a way out. As an individual with a floating interest rate, you can opt for prepayment or even foreclosure at no additional charges. The only exception here is you’re availing of the loan for business purposes, in which case nominal charges are applicable.

  • Balance transfer facility

    Balance transfer facility

    If you're looking for a lender with favourable terms and conditions, look no further. You can initiate a balance transfer from your current lender to Bajaj Finserv.

    Not only can you access multiple benefits, but also have the option to avail of a sizable top-up loan of Rs. 1 Crore* or above, basis eligibility. You can use the top-up amount however you deem fit; it comes with no end-use restrictions.

Eligibility criteria and documents needed to apply for a loan against property in Dhule

To be considered eligible for a loan against property you need to satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • You need to be an Indian citizen (resident)
  • You should have a means of steady income whether as a salary earner or professional
  • You need to be between the ages** of 28 and 58 as a salary earner and 25 years and 70 years as a professional and/ or self-employed applicant
  • You should own a property that can serve as collateral in one of the cities we operate in

To process your application, we require the below documents.

  • Recent bank account statements and salary slips for salaried individuals and professionals
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, Aadhaar Card, etc. as proof of identity
  • Proof of address, such as utility bills, etc.
  • Documents of the property pledged as collateral, such as title deed and property tax receipts, among others
  • ITR copies

** The upper age limit is considered as age, at the time of loan maturity.

Current interest rates and charges for a loan against property in Dhule

Whether you apply as a salary earner or professional, we'll charge you a certain amount as interest, which becomes a component of the EMIs payable. Here is an indicative list:

The tables below offer an elaborate view of the charges associated with availing of different types of mortgage loans.

Loan Against Property Interest Rate (Floating)

Employment Type

Effective ROI (p.a.)


9.85%* to 15.00%*


9.50%* to 18.00%*

For a complete list of loan against property interest rate, please click here.

Apply for a loan against property in Dhule at Bajaj Finserv

If you have a large expense, now is a smart time to take a loan against property in Dhule. Choose Bajaj Finserv for a competitive offer with an array of unmatched features and benefits.

To get started with the loan application process, click here. Fill in your basic details, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you in 72 hours*. You can also walk into one of our branches across India.