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Ahmedabad stands on the banks of the Sabarmati in Gujarat and is one of the major economic and industrial hubs of India. Several attractions like lakes, gardens, museums, etc. make it a prominent tourist destination in West India.

To cover your financing needs, Bajaj Finserv offers a loan against property in Ahmedabad. Visit any of our 2 branches or apply online now.

Features and benefits

Applicants interested in availing a loan against property in Ahmedabad can read more to know about the features of the Bajaj Finserv Loan Against Property.

  • Easy balance transfer facility

    Easy balance transfer facility

    No more paying higher interest rates. Shift your existing loan using our loan against property balance transfer facility to avail lower rates.

  • Fast disbursal

    Fast disbursal

    No more long waits for loan amounts with Bajaj Finserv. Find your sanction amount in your bank account in just 72 hours* from approval.

  • High funding

    High funding

    Bajaj Finserv provides loan amount up to Rs. 10.50 crore* to eligible candidates and to boost your home buying journeys.

  • External benchmark linked loans

    External benchmark linked loans

    By opting for the Bajaj Finserv loan against property linked to an external benchmark, applicants can enjoy reduced EMIs along with favourable market conditions.

  • Digital monitoring

    Digital monitoring

    Now keep a close eye on all your loan developments and EMI schedules through the Bajaj Finserv online platform.

  • Zero contact loans

    Zero contact loans

    Experience a truly remote loan against property application from anywhere in India by applying Bajaj Finserv online loan against property and getting an easy approval.

  • No prepayment and foreclosure charge

    No prepayment and foreclosure charge

    If all borrowers and co-borrowers are individuals, loan availed on floating interest rates, and loan taken for purposes other than business use, then there will be no foreclosure/ part-prepayment charges. However, apart from above situation part pre-payment charges are applicable for term Loan up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the principal amount of loan prepaid on the date of such part-prepayment. Part pre-payment charges are not applicable for Flexi Term Loan (Flexi Dropline) and Hybrid Flexi.

  • Loan subsidies

    Loan subsidies

    Avail of the loan subsidies offered under the PMAY scheme, with Bajaj Finserv. Approach us for updated terms and best loan against property deals.

Reputed as the ‘Manchester of India’, Ahmedabad is India’s second largest cotton producer. The tertiary sector, including construction, commerce, and communication, has emerged as a major economic driver in the city. There is a strong presence of automobile industry, pharmaceutical companies, IT industries, etc. However, the textile and garments industry with several mills continues to remain a significant sector of the economy.

Bajaj Finserv brings loans against property in Ahmedabad for both self-employed and salaried individuals. You can enjoy features like quick processing, money in account within 72 hours*, easy repayment over flexible tenors, 24x7 account accessibility online and more. Avail the innovative Flexi loans to bring down your monthly outflow almost by half. Fulfil the eligibility requirements and apply online for fastest loan processing.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Loan against property in Ahmedabad eligibility and documents

Meet these following eligibility criteria for loan against property to improve your chances of approval.

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    750 and above

  • Age


    Minimum age: 25 years * (18 years for non-financial property owners)
    Maximum age: 85 years* (including non-financial property owners)

    *Age of the individual applicant/ co-applicant at the time of loan maturity
    *Higher age of co-applicant may be considered up to 95 years basis 2nd generation (legal heir) meeting age norms and to be taken as co-applicant on loan structure

  • Nationality


    Resident Indian citizen

  • Job status

    Job status

    Salaried employee or self-employed individuals

Bajaj Finserv brings some of the most convenient features for borrowers in Ahmedabad. Qualify to enjoy those with these easy-to-meet eligibility criteria. Also, maintain a healthy CIBIL score and a clean CIR for smooth approval.

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Loan against property interest rate, fees, and charges

Evaluate your monthly outflows and make an informed decision by considering the interest rates on loan against property.

Frequently asked questions

Which type of property is accepted as collateral?

Any commercial, residential, or industrial property can be kept as collateral against the loan amount.

What happens if I fail to repay the loan against property in Ahmedabad?

Failing to repay the loan leads to confiscation of your mortgaged property. The outstanding amount will be recovered by liquidating it. Pay EMIs on time to avoid such risks on your asset.

Are there tax benefits on a loan against property in Ahmedabad?

Yes. Under sections 37(1) and Section 24 of the ITA, borrowers are eligible to enjoy tax benefits on a loan against property. However, make sure to know the other terms and conditions beforehand.

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