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Bangalore obtained the title ‘IT capital of India’ for its prominent role as the country’s information technology exporter. This capital city of Karnataka is also known for its beautiful botanical gardens and other tourist attractions.

Avail a loan against property from private lenders like Bajaj Finserv and enjoy a flexible repayment policy. We have 6 branches across Bangalore.

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Features and benefits

Applicants interested in availing a loan against property in Bangalore can read more to know about the features of the Bajaj Finserv loan against property.

  • Hassle-free balance transfer

    Hassle-free balance transfer

    Move your existing loan against property to Bajaj Finserv and to avail better interest rates enjoy top-up loans of up to Rs. 1 crore* or higher.

  • Repay easily

    Repay easily

    The repayment tenor ranges up to 15 years , giving you ample time to preplan and schedule your EMI payments without pressure.

  • High value financing

    High value financing

    Address your bigger monetary needs with no restriction using loan against property of up to Rs. 10.50 crore*, basis eligibility.

  • External benchmark linked loans

    External benchmark linked loans

    By opting for the Bajaj Finserv loan against property linked to an external benchmark, applicants can enjoy reduced EMIs along with favourable market conditions.

  • Manage account digitally

    Manage account digitally

    Check all your loan developments and EMI schedules through the Bajaj Finserv online platform.

  • Zero contact loans

    Zero contact loans

    Experience a truly remote loan against property application from anywhere in India by applying Bajaj Finserv online loan against property and getting an easy approval.

  • Zero foreclosure charge

    Zero foreclosure charge

    If all borrowers and co-borrowers are individuals, loan availed on floating interest rates, and loan taken for purposes other than business use, then there will be no foreclosure/ part-prepayment charges. However, apart from above situation part pre-payment charges are applicable for term Loan up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the principal amount of loan prepaid on the date of such part-prepayment. Part pre-payment charges are not applicable for Flexi Term Loan (Flexi Dropline) and Hybrid Flexi.

Bangalore, officially Bengaluru, appoints close to 1.5 million employees in its IT sector. It ranks as the 2nd fastest growing city among the major Indian metropolises. The city is home to several high-net-worth individuals, including 60,000 super rich people and 10,000 millionaires. There are numerous public sector undertakings, research and development centres, IT companies and more in the city.

Borrowers can seek additional source of financing to address both planned and unplanned expenses. Bajaj Finserv offers exclusive features like the Flexi loan facility to ensure additional repayment convenience. You can pay off the outstanding principal with a surplus or at the end of the tenor. Reduce EMIs by up to 45%* with the Flexi loan facility. Make sure you have a steady source of income before applying.

Submit the online application form along with minimum documents effortlessly.

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Loan against property in Bangalore eligibility and documents

Meet these following eligibility criteria for loan against property to improve your chances of approval.

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    750 and above

  • Age


    Minimum age: 25 years* (18 years for non-financial property owners)
    Maximum age: 85 years* (including non-financial property owners)

    *Age of the individual applicant/ co-applicant at the time of loan maturity
    *Higher age of co-applicant may be considered up to 95 years basis 2nd generation (legal heir) meeting age norms and to be taken as co-applicant on loan structure

  • Nationality


    Resident Indian citizen

  • Job status

    Job status

    Salaried employee or self-employed individuals

With Bajaj Finserv, address your diverse financing needs effortlessly. Meet the easy-to-fulfil eligibility criteria and submit the few documents necessary. Enjoy the fastest application process once you apply online.

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Loan against property interest rate, fees, and charges

There are nominal processing fees and charges associated with a Bajaj Finserv loan against property interest rate. Know these in detail before applying.

*Terms and conditions apply