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The best saving schemes in India for various risk profiles

  • Highlights

  • Boosting savings for additional source of income

  • Pre-specified lock-in period for mutual funds

  • Minimum deposit of Rs.500 in PPF

  • Highest interest for senior citizens FD

The main goal of an investment is to provide maturity and growth to your savings. Some investment options also offer you a monthly source of income. Typically, investments can be divided into two types: high risk investments and low risk investments. Here’s a look at the four most recommended schemes based on how willing you are to undertake risk while making your investment.
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Some of the best high-risk and low-risk investment schemes

1. Fixed deposits for the conservative investor

1) One of the primary benefits of an FD is that it provides notable growth to your savings without letting market forces influence your interest gains.
2) It provides liquidity of cash since you can easily break your FD any time you desire.
3) Gives you the option to choose from non-cumulative and cumulative FDs so you can get monthly, quarterly or annual payouts or the entire compounded interest on maturity.

4) This option has a quick application procedure and online management for ease of use.
5) It helps put all your savings to productive use giving you more returns than a savings account.
6) This option is ideal for senior citizens and offers higher interest to them. Senior citizens can gain from attractive interest rates, which help them grow their retirement corpus.

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2. Mutual Funds for the moderately aggressive investor

1) This option involves investing in market securities like shares and money markets.
2) It allows you to invest small parts of your money across various companies.
3) As a part of this investment, you can invest in a diverse range of industries to minimize risk.
4) In this investment, you can choose from equity funds, growth funds, diversified funds, sector funds and many more.
5) This option provides better transparency. You can view the investment strategy and accordingly consider investing.
6) Mutual funds are usually liquid, unless there is a pre-specified lock-in period.
7) This option is subject to market risks. The returns from mutual funds are under the influence of market forces and therefore, not always guaranteed.

3. Real estate investment for the aggressive investor

1) This option involves investing in property for gains.
2) Investors can gain from investing in properties that observe continuously appreciating rates.
3) Returns in the form of rent can also work as a source of income.
4) Rent is mostly paid on a monthly basis. This way, the investor doesn’t have to wait for a long duration to receive returns.
5) It is a costly investment and ideal for investors who have large amounts of savings.
6) Can provide the investor income from rent as well as with resale value of the property.
7) Here, an investor can invest funds into both residential and commercial properties, depending on their preference and value appreciation.

4. Public provident fund for the moderately conservative investor

1) This option lets an investor deposit an amount between Rs.500 to Rs.1.5 lakh into an account in order to gain interest over time.
2) This option has a fixed tenor. The lock in period for this investment scheme is 15 years.
3) This invested amount is not liquid over the lock in period. This means that you cannot withdraw the invested amount until the lapse of the tenor.
4) It is ideal for most income brackets, as the PPF has a minimum deposit amount of Rs.500.
5) The returns for the PPF are tax-free. There is no tax charged over both the principle and the interest.
6) PPF is a safe option of investment. The returns from the PPF are free from market influences like rise or drop in demand.
7) This option can help salaried individuals save their money better, without facing the hassle of standing in lengthy queues and paperwork.
No matter what your risk profile, ensure that your investment portfolio has a mix of investments. Ensure that a high interest FD is part of your portfolio. This company fixed deposit gives you attractive interest rates, flexible tenors and online account management.

DISCLAIMER: The mentioned fixed deposit interest rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change periodically. Please check the interest rates on our website.

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